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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Thanks a bunch for your prompt response.
  2. Hi Guys,

    I am a Nov 2015 paper based applicant from India.

    Sydney, Nova Scotia
    CSQ - Oct 2018
    AOR - Apr 2019
    MR - 03 Oct 2019
    Pre-Arrival Services Email - 09 Oct 2019
    MR done - 15 Oct 2019

    Just wanted to know what to expect next and the timeframe. When will they ask for the Police Clearance Certificate and what is the validity of the Medical report.

    It would be really great to receive inputs from the experts as I find it really difficult to take decisions on my present job/business relocations within India.

  3. Hi!

    For me, my police certificate expired last year ( 1year validity) and I applied for a new one ( takes a long 30+ days) and uploaded it before they ask for it to avoid delays.

    medicals are valid for 1 year as from date of issue and the expiry date will be your deadline to land in canada on your CoPR document.

    please refer to my signature below for a comparison :)
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  4. is the police certificate sent together with the application package to the Federal? I sent my PCC together with the other docs when I lodged my documents to Federal. How come you haven’t sent it? Thanks
  5. I did, and I assume @luciferz888 did too else it might count as an incomplete application.

    Mine dated sept 2017 so Since I knew it expired , I applied for a new one and uploaded it before they ask in April this year.

  6. HI

    yes fill it and in it, inform them of your previous change of address mail ( with a reference if you have) and ask for an update if same has been well received since you see no change on your application. I guess it might take some weeks though, Maybe you should wait for a max of 3 weeks before asking them.
  7. Dear Shannon, Thanks for your reply.
    I have filled out that address change inquiry and submitted the web form 14 days ago. Until now i did not get any reply from IRCC.

    Today, i have filled another webform and indicated that this is my second one. Normally address change should not take this long.

    How long did your address update take?
  8. Sept 2017?? Do you mean your application to Federal took that long?
  9. We applied with bank draft first and our application was returned. We had to pay online and send again in late January 2018. So now we are in our 20th month ! I’ve updated my signature with latest update below :)
  10. Oh, Im on my 18th month! What’s your update? Did you pass SS and BGC? Im for PPR, my file was sent to my local VO last Sept 25 for finalization! Good luCk to all of us!
  11. You did not submit your PCC upfront?
  12. AOR - Apr 2019
    MR - 03 Oct 2019

    That was fast. Are there more people here whose AOR is 2019 and got MR recently ?
    @luciferz888 What is your exact date of AOR ?
  13. Hi Shannon I did not send PCC with the documents. I was told to apply for PCC only when requested by reviewer.
  14. No I didn't

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