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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. no no !!!!. now. you have perfected everything. only enjoy and wait to get visa and then co pr and landing.i think you should visit some where in vietnam after alot day stressful. about one month later you will to back passport
  2. Ukie my dear @raymondtran27051982 !! I have to use pp for oversea business trip then send it a bit late.... i will let both of u when i get it back!
  3. Buddies,
    I checked my account of visit visa that i also applied online and link the application. CIC sent me the passport request on 21/8, and then i submitted passport on 7/9 but the valid time shown on visa in passport noted from 21/8- same the day with pasport request!! Anybody can help double check with the ppr and the date of visa stamp please, is it same with pr processing please!!
  4. I’m not sure, check with your agent/ lawyer if you have one. If not wait until you get your COPR, the dates will be there. I think COPR is valid one year from date of medical received.
  5. Oh, so i wait till there to see how n let you know! I completed n submitted my application myself...so i dont know who i can ask
  6. no problem. because when CIC request your PP. may be visa to issued so PPR and visa same day. but not effect Pr processsing because two thing different.visitor visa SGVO proceesing and PR singapore processing event if you got COPR visitor visa automatic cancel.
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  7. I am not worry, i just want yo know the date of stamped! So, i will check then let all of u know! :) :)
  8. Hello buddies,
    Any news from you?
    I just sent pp on 7/1 n came to IRCC on 8/1. Today, i check status: Approved and
    -Eligibility: has been reviewed
    - Background: Was completed
    - Final decision: Was approved
    I not yet received pp , i will update when i receive it!!
    Hope to hear the best news from you soon!!
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  9. Hi Subhash,

    I have applied under farmer category. I glad to know that you are from India. I am also from Gujarat. I will or you can share your email id so, we can talk and share our experience.
  10. You are the superstar if the group! All hopes are with you and wish you so much happiness and success. Can’t wait to see you all in Montreal!
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  11. Subhash dropped out of the program. It was taking too long and he didn’t want to continue.
  12. congrat ! finally you got it. you will to have COPR soon. i think that. after vietnam new year you are going to go. wishing you have a new year wondeful. hope we will to meet and become good friends. you should book the flight direct to montreal and then a lot advantage with immigration office. let me know your address when you come montreal. good luck !
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  13. Thanks @Schehrazade n @raymondtran27051982 , n all friends here!!
    Or we share fb contact then we keep in touch together!
    Today, i got email that showing the decision envelop depatched from IRCC!
    Will be your turn soonest!!
  14. Dear Tuyen Huynh :- it’s wonderful news give us the hope for future ,,, we are all happy to you ,,, all the best wishes to you .
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  15. Wish you all the best
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