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Quebec Entrepreneur

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hello all. Was looking for help and advice. We've applied for Quebec csq in the entrepreneur category. Our application was received Dec 16th 2013 and we got our AOR dated Jan 9th 2015. After that nothing. Can anyone guide me as to timelines and if this is ok? All help and advice gratefully accepted!
    P.S Our BIQ is Hong Kong.
  2. We are in same boat, i have applied in April 2014 and received AOR in July 2014 in Quebec entrepreneur immigration programme. I am also waiting. But as per agent hopefully 2016 before June we will get interview for CSQ.
  3. January 2014 Applicants are getting interview for CSQ, as per agent.
  4. Hi sgauswam, sorry I wrote wrong AOR date, we received it Jan 2014 not 2015. Where have you applied from and what is your BIQ?
  5. I am an Indian citizen and my BIQ is Hong Kong, from where you are, and your BIQ.. Please.
  6. I'm from Pakistan and BIQ is also Hong Kong. Good to know other people who going through similar experiences. What surprises me is that on the official Quebec page they are stating that they have not started processing our regions at all. So I am hoping that the page is not updated and that files are being processed.
    Do you have any idea of processing time after csq? I think our visa office will be London. It used to take quite long before.
  7. Good morning,
    What is the procedure for knowing visa office, b'coz i don't know my visa office. There was an update regarding CSQ Interview in Hong Kong from January to April was canceled and may be new update will be soon. You can inquire about next schedule with " schedule of selection missions for entrepreneurs immigration" i don't know time after CSQ. processing time for federal visa. Do you have any idea.
  8. Have you done Exploratory visit to Quebec After Application....?
  9. Hello to you. You can check your federal visa office from the CIC site. I haven't been to Quebec, have you? Our daughter was studying there so hopefully that will count. How about you?
  10. Hi
    I have applied for TRV for exploratory visa, unfortunately denied but my 2 friends went for exploratory visit. Are you in farming category or else. I am a farmer and I have applied in farming category. As per your discussion if your daughters are there definitely this criteria helps your application.
    Thank you
  11. Hi Subhash. I'm not in the farming category sadly. I will have to set up a business there and run it profitably to be eligible for a PR card. My daughter has returned and is now studying medicine here but she has knowledge of Quebec and loved her time there. Have you studied French? I am currently in B2 having passed my B1. I'm hoping to sit B2 this June.
  12. Thank you for your quick response, I have passed A1 year before, now the problem is I am not finding teacher for further teaching. It's good that you are completing B2, wish you best of luck. I have done D.H.M.S which is medicine stream of Homoeopathic doctor. I am not practicing since long time. My daughter is in Toronto on student visa. She has applied for federal P. R. now.
    Thank you
    May I know your name please.
  13. Hi Subhash. It's sad that you had to put French on hold. It's not a requirement as such but still good to know the language of the land. My husband also stopped at A2 but I am continuing. My children all speak it at various levels of competence so that helps too. It's great to know your daughter is already there. It makes so much difference to have family already settled there. Where are you planning to settle? We are set on Montreal as our daughter loves it there.
  14. Hi Farhana
    I have to put my French learning aside b'coz there is no alternative for me. It's true that the language definitely helps you to communicate with locals which improve your business too. But your daughters are there to help you. My plan is to buy agricultural land in monterige near Montreal. What type of business you are going to start in montreal. Thank you
  15. Hi Subash. I own a spa in Karachi and am planning to open the same there. I have over 5 years experience of running a business successfully and I am an aromatherapist and reflexologist by profession. So hopefully I will be able to open and operate a successful spa.
    I am concerned about the federal part of the immigration process in terms of time. Can you check with your agent about how long it takes? Thanks and regards.

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