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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. good luck tuyen huynh. wish all the best to you when you came montreal. see you soon montreal.
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  2. 2nd July Raymond! Any news from u?
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  3. Good luck my good friends Tuyen Huynh ,,, all the best wishes for you .
  4. Thanks my dear @Laithhisham !! And wish all of u the best!!! Hope to hear the golden news from all of you!!
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  5. hope we are good friend in future. and we should keep in touch. do you have prepaid
    the first week august. i have passed MR 7 june. and waiting PPR. because 20 august my kid go to school in montreal.
  6. hi tuyen huynh
    which is school do your kid to study. ?
  7. Hello,
    Srr for my late, buddy!
    I dont know the name!
    Do you have facebook nick? Can we keep in touch by that!
  8. Hello @Tuyen Huynh and @raymondtran27051982
    How are you guys? Please let’s connect so that we can stay in touch.
    Send me your email so I can send a message .
  9. Hello @Schehrazade ,

    I landed 15 days ago, processing so smoothy, Canadian officers very very nice....... And support from gvn verryyyyyy good for us.. And u, any news from you, sis? Cannot wait to see all of u!!!
  10. oh. sorry . my late. when i come montreal . i will to phone to you. hope you are always lucky at second homeland.
  11. U search my fb please: Tuyen Huynh. Picture of a lady with blue dress sitting on white chair! We can keep in touch by there bro!!
  12. I can’t find you or Raymond on Fb. Pls pm me your email so I can msg you both.
    So happy that you have landed my dear sister. Wishing you all the best in your new life.
  13. I have emailed you...
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