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Quebec Entrepreneur

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. I have not received the second AOR ( from local visa office , New Delhi In. Mycase)
  2. Dear Friend all :- After I arrive I promise invites all friends for cup of coffee or cup of Tea .
    All the respect for all persons in this group .
  3. Is it mandatory to received 2nd AOR
  4. No not really. They used to before but now they don’t.
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  6. Congratulations & best of luck. Keep us in ur prayers.
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  7. Thanks Smsayem! U also in the boat of entrepreneur?

  8. Y bro.
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  9. All the very best to you . God bless !
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  10. So happy for you my dear friend. Please keep in touch. Would love to meet up there.
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  11. Thanks all my friends and wish all of u luck!
    For whom with VO is Singapore, has pending over 24months, please email to:
    And ask how the application processing please...
    Keep in touch my dears
    N hope to see all of u there!
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  12. All the best wishes for you ,,, I believe that still for me long time ,,, about couple of years after you will not remember us ,,, as you busy in your new life .
  13. @Laithhisham , why not we make friend by facebook! Give me email, i will connect n keep in touch all of u by facebook!!!
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  14. Hi family,
    I have heard that after getting CSQ, the Federal stage may still check our source of fund again. This means that we still have a small risk to be refused visa by this reason, even after we invested already. Anybody hear any case to be refused like that???

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