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Quebec Entrepreneur

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hi srk
    So did you receive the second aor from visa office. New Delhi in your case.
    Iam also 4 months plus in federal now. I also haven’t received any aor from New delhi visa office
    Pls update. Tnx
  2. Buddies,
    Go through " Refusal due PC" from Permanent resident item please!! Take note n be careful at the time requesting to prodive the PC!!
  3. hi tuyen huynh
    what is PC
  4. PC: Police certificate my dear! It will be requested again when they ask additional form. And news coming after 7-8 months later! And at the time submitted, we should attach proof of any changes, as: new house with money transfer, new job with salary slip or account details, new address or new saving book, or new passport....all of new things from the first time of submitted with an explanation letter writing down 1,2,3 changing......then they will not ask us again. As my experience...just want to share with all of u!!
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  5. yes. thank you tuyen huynh
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  6. Hello,
    Received passport with visa stamp n COPR after 17 days of passport submitted!!
    @Schehrazade, any news from you?
  7. Congratulations. Wish you all success in Canada.

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  8. Congratulation my friend ,,, all best wishes for you ,,, we all happy when hear good news .
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  9. Yayyyyyyyyyy. And double yayyyyyyyyy. Am so happy for you my dear friend. Wishing you very happiness and success in your future in Montreal and let’s promise to meet there.
    I’m still waiting..background check is on but no other news. I’ve applied for my notes let’s see what they say. Hopefully things will move forward very quickly once the background check is done.
    Congratulations again my dear, am delighted that your journey is almost over.
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  10. Congratulations
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  11. Dear Ash hi, no i did not get any AOR from delhi visa office as of now i am still waiting, if you get it please let me know
  12. congratulations, you are the hero of this forum, all the best for your future in Quebec, i will surely come to meet you there.!!
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  13. congratulations tuyen huynh. i am very happy when hear good new. good luck to your family. hope to meet you in montreal soon ........
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  14. Thank you for all your wishes my dear friends!! This is yr turn, hopefully to hear the good news from all of you!!
  15. N hopefully we together can drink coffee n being relax there!!! Promise with me, please!!

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