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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. hi scheh
    about me knew. you must be submit your background to CIC after you will to get MR .i am not sure when. but my agent said sometime receive notice both (background and medical request). i hope too everything perfect end year .
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  2. I hope so too..fingers crossed. Hopefully by end year.
  3. New week, new hopes, let’s pray we all have good news to share this week. Best of luck friends!
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  4. Hello buddies,
    Just got PPR, golden mail comes after 17 days of Medical saying submitted!! Hope the good news will come to all of you at this month!!!
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  5. congratulation !!!!!!
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  6. What AMAZING news!! Woohoo!! So happy for you...delighted that one of us has made it through! Best of wishes for the future ! Keep us posted on what goes on and best wishes again!
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  7. We’re next!!
  8. @Schehrazade ,@raymondtran27051982 :
    Thank you both of you!! We are still only 3 guys who are crushing the end of road?? Both of you will be next soon soon...We keep touch please! Do you use fb?
  9. Yes let’s pls keep in touch.
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  10. yes. wish all the best to you on the way immigrant montreal.hope we will to meet together in montreal.
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  11. " This refer to your application for permanent residence in Canada. The processing of your application is almost complete. Before a permanent resident visa can be issued to you ( and your accompanying family members, if applicable), you will nees to follow the steps below:
    Note: This letter is not a guarantee that a visa will be issued to you
    □Please submit 2 passport- sized photos taken with the last six months....
    □ Please submit original passport for:
    1. You
    2. Your spouse/ common-law partner and
    3. All dependent children who will accompany you to Canada...
    Then contruction to guide us how to submit and saying allow them to process and return back to us in 1 month."

    I prepaired, translated all documents and completed, submitted my appication myself to MIDI, also joined in at interview without interpreter an received CSQ on the interview day also, so i can check my status every time i want, and at the time i received ppr, my status updated by Decision made ...
    @Schehrazade , u will be the next, think before Chrismast!
    @raymondtran27051982 , u prepaire steps by steps from now by working hard to earn money to spend life there. U just be next after Scheh just a moment!
    Hope the best come to us!
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  12. Buddies, get any rejection after passport request?
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  13. Never. You are through. Enjoy the feeling and plan for the future dear friend.
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  14. Thanks Scheh!!! Will keep in touch and hopefully will be the guy welcome all o
  15. Thanks Scheh!!! Will keep in touch and hopefully will be the guy who pick all of you up at airport!!
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