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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Schehrazade, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Yes the wait is torture now. But hopefully soon we will all hear good news. Waiting to hear when you get your MR. Best wishes.
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  2. Hello,
    Just received MR n RPR payment already...after 6 days of pre arrival letter!!
    Hope all the best coming !!
    Will be your turn soon!!
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  3. That is AMAZZING!!!!! So so happy for you!! You are the first hopefully we all follow soon!! Am delighted for you!!
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  4. congratulation ! this is good signal for everyone wait MR in SGVO. hope you have PPR soon.
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  5. My application was before yours around 2 months, so, next is your turn!! Just prepare the feeling to receive the golden mail! hêhh
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  6. U will be the next !! Hope to hear from you soonnnnnnn!!!!
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  7. Can’t wait! Hope to hear such good news veryyy soon!
  8. All the best all
    Prayers for all
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  9. U try to work hard then u will forget it! Last time, i checked in my account every day n stressful.....this month, i try to forget n work.. n u will see the golden mail...yomost feeling!!
  10. Thanks a lot n same wishes to you!!
  11. A new week starting today. Wishing us all a fantastic week with good news for everyone! Praying for MR and more..
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  12. Scheh,
    Your background check was changed to " we are processing....."?
    Different from my case, my background check was changed to "We are processing.... after the medical result saying passed and uploaded the Right of permanent residence fee. I saw the medical passed 3 days from the test n status changed 2 days after that, for 7 days upto now. And now, am anxious with next steps.... so the medical sure on the ways coming to you!! Wish us lucky!!
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  13. Yes my background check has changed to.. we are processing...but no medical yet. Good luck to us!
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  14. hi scheh
    when did you get background check ?i think you are going to have MR soon. hope the end of this year !
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  15. Hi Raymond,
    I’m not sure when it changed but my agent sent a screenshot a couple of weeks ago and that’s when I noticed it. I hope that the MR comes before the year end! That will be so wonderful! I’m not really sure how long the background check takes so can’t guess any time lines..

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