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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. I received 2 emails too... First in the morning and Second in the afternoon.
    I thought CIC changed their mind when I see second email but ....

    "This is a resend of an earlier email from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada which unfortunately did not include your name. We apologize for any inconvenience."

    Meh, I forgive you CIC ::)
  2. I got 2 emails
    1st at 10 am ( without my name) telling me that my application has been selected.
    2nd at ariunt 2pm: with my complete name.
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  3. I received an email - wasn't selected.
  4. received email this evening about 8PM, Ontario. My family is not selected. :(
  5. The bureaucratic mentality at work here. No need to address the UNselected applicants by name, apparently. I actually find it highly irritating that I get a long letter about TRV options when we've already tried that route and this same ministry denied us that option. How hard would it have been to note that the unselected applicant had tried this route before, even if just to say "although your last application was unsuccessful, a future successful TRV application has not been ruled out and... blah blah"

    If they were truly SERIOUS about connecting the two routes from a policy angle (PR versus TRV), then whether TRV is available or not to the applicant would have informed the lottery process.

    My marital relationship is under great stress because of my wife's sense of isolation when she's in Canada with me and the separation from me when she flies back to spend time with her mother, who is also the only family member who could assist with childcare during the day when I'm working. How many lottery winners are like "so my mother who's already here on a supervisa can get free medical care in the future" while I'm sitting here wondering if I have to leave Canada to save my marriage because my wife can't see her mother here for even a week. I can't help but note that if our number HAD come up, it wouldn't be because we needed PR status but only because there's no visit visa available, so we'd be taking up a spot out of the 10 thousand that we wouldn't need. All because the TRV is considerably more restrictive than other developed countries (looking at the TRV rejection rates).
  6. Supervisa is also a JOKE, total JOKE, there is no guaranteed you will get a 2 years stay, they can arbitrarily give any time period. And why restricting to 2 years? Why not just give a 10 years stay, they are not gonna drain any health care or any benefits as they are only a visitor!
  7. still waiting.......
  8. I would be very upset and would sue them if it turns out you got a rejection later as they told in the press that they have emailed everyone, this is unnecessary delay, I would really hope it turns out positive for you tomorrow
  9. I still did not get email :(
  10. Apparently Canada could be destroyed if a visit visa person overstayed. Never mind that without a PR card the person wouldn't have access to any taxpayer funded benefits. Supposedly an older foreign woman with no Canadian credentials or any English or French would surely steal some Canadian's dream job, never mind that no employer could legally hire her. And we can't have that. So they've got to prevent not just that person from coming over in the first place but another 20 more innocents who would have returned without either overstaying or trying to work illegally. Meanwhile, my home with an empty room for a relative who can't visit for even a day is in a neighbourhood filling up with Somali refugees most of whom are by all appearances and reports are being supported by my tax dollars.

    And this just takes as a given that the visit visa policy is being efficiently applied. I talked to a US visa officer in Hong Kong in 2013 who has worked with Canadian officials in Beijing and he said he's not sure what the Canadians are doing because they have both higher visa rejection rates AND more overstays.
  11. You should know our Immigration Minister is a Somali refugee, does that ring any bell to you?
  12. Just recieved an email that I have been selected. Which is good news! My problem is that they are asking me to mention my confirmation number which unfortunately I did not save. I know that no email confirmations were sent but smart people took the screenshots of the web form while submitting the interest to sponsor form. that I didnt Embarrassed . Any ideas on what should be done?..thanks guys
  13. You have a confirmation number?
  14. You should have printed out the number or email it to yourself. Asking IRCC for that would take ages, but that is the only chance for you. Are you just openning the email now or you just receive the email? Many people in here including my best friend is still waiting for his rejection/approval email up to now

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