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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Has anyone had an invitation to apply for the PGP 2017 after their sponsor filled in the Notification of Interest Form? This form was available between beginning of February until beginning of March 2017.
  2. No - no one has heard. Form was available Jan to Feb (not Feb to March).
  3. Thanks Scylla - I got the months wrong. Suppose we just have to keep waiting.
  4. Has anyone got invitation to apply for the PGP 2017 after their sponsor filled in the Notification of Interest Form? Does anyone know any update regarding this?
  5. Their recorded message mentions that no draw has taken place yet.


    2017-04-03 at 9h52 AM.
  6. Thanks Manuel, I didn't know there was a phone number to call. We are all still waiting - let's hope something happens soon, at least I know we haven't been overlooked. It would help if we knew a timescale from closure of Notification of Interest to when the draw actually happens.
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  7. Hi

    Every one is waiting fir lottery result.dont know why they took so much time to declare the result.....
  8. Simply because that can't! It will be a joke and CIC will laughing stock on all the news for inviting foreigners, students, new immigrants, foreign workers and non qualified people. I know some reporters already prepare to blow this up
  9. We need to be patient, IRCC is eliminating duplicates and we will be notified whether selected or not.
    BTW, stop making new threads about this, there are 7 and counting already.
  10. IRCC will not be a laughing stock and there is nothing for reporters to "blow up". The simple truth is that the vast majority of people really won't care.
  11. Still waiting for email :mad:
  12. Let's be patient.
    Everyone will be notified, and once they send emails out, this forum will be bombarded with posts.
    There is no need to keep asking if anyone has received any notifications, or to tell everyone that they are still waiting.
    Be patient, find a hobby in the meantime.
    Good luck
  13. Is it possible to use just one thread for 2017 PGP? Like the one be deleted by somebody's request.
  14. Yes I was searching for the other thread for Parents and Grandparents sponsorship. Has that been deleted? Could not find it.

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