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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Yes its been discussed enough..deleted at the request of .....[name witheld]
  2. Sure you do
  3. Yes it was deleted
  4. that's OK everybody knows that....I was just curious....well no need for that big explanation enjoy your hobby :)
  5. Got the email this morning. Thank God I've been selected.
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  6. Congratulations! I am still waiting for any email.
  7. Seems they're starting to send these now, might take a few days to get to everyone since they mention in the email that I've 90 days to apply (with a specific last date).
  9. Hello all,
    I also received an email today notifying that I was also selected. Hope everyone here gets selected too.
  10. Just got an email from IRCC to confirm our application has been selected. Application package has to be submitted by July 24 2017.
  11. Congratulations. I hope every genuine case got into the lottery pool and a chance to get picked up in the draw.
  12. CIC's goal is to ensure Canada meets economic and social goals of immigration. You have to consider that parents are foreigners, new immigrants, and many of them are not qualified, or do not intend to work in Canada. So people will just not care.
  13. Looks that many forum members get selected, so it is not very chaotic on CIC part. Let's hope all for the best.
  14. I just got the email today,my parents have been selected to apply now.im so happy !!
  15. Congrats :)
    I still haven't received an email. :(

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