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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2017

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BJbirdie, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. I have not received anything. just to make sure the email does not get into the Junk mail, what is the email address to expect the email from?
  2. Hi, I got email

    Hi, can someone explain me how to calculate the family income from table Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship (2016, 2015, 2014) .

    My wife want to sponsor her mother and she started a job in 2014 till now (pay under 40k yearly) plus can i show my income with her?

    In my family (daugther, myself and wife), so do i calculate the income of 4 persons now including her mother then check table ?
  3. Still have not received anything. I guess likely we were not selected going by how most successful people have already received theirs.

    Oh well. We'll try again next year.
  4. IRCC <NePasRepondre-DoNotReply@cic.gc.ca>
  5. You now have the option to provide your SIN and consent to IRCC so they can get the info directly from CRA.
  6. Can you tell us from which email address they sent the email so that everyone can save that address and not land this important email in junk folder?

    What does the email say?
  7. IRCC <NePasRepondre-DoNotReply@cic.gc.ca>
  8. I know a friend who got email from IRCC to sponsor his mother. He lives in calgary ..

    i havent received anything yet !!! :-[ :-[
  9. can you guys please share the times as well when you receive the email? this might give us clue if they only sent to successful ones at a time or people are still getting it on different time... :)
  10. he got email this morning - April 25, 2017 around 10 AM - MST Calgary, Alberta Time

    anyone else ?
  11. My wife received around 8:27 MST and we are from Calgary. Very happy for her.

    now anxiously waiting for an e-mail for my parents
  12. someone I know got the email at 8:31 AM MST.
  13. 10:00am Eastern today.
  14. looks like its going out in batches... because so far every one got email seems to be in alberta !
  15. I'm in Ontario and got it this morning. Just got a second one with the sponsor name included in the email, first one was without a name.

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