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Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. I am filling my work experience in express entry profile. I came across above.

    None of my employments has explicitly mentioned number of hours to me but all my jobs were full time commitments and I would work for very long hours.

    I am putting 40 hours per week (6 hours * 5 working day).

    Should that be okay?
  2. Currently finished TB treatment. Do you think my application will be processed side by side or the process only starts after my medical is cleared/
  3. Hi.

    I am in pool now of Express Entry.

    Just a questions:

    Once I do get ITA and everything goes good and I eventually get visa...what then?

    I mean I go to Canada.

    But at that point in time I may want to spend minimum time in Canada due to some family commitments back home.

    So what is minimum amount of time that I may be required to spend in Canada or minimum other details of criteria that I need to meet....to maintain my status of immigrant/permanent resident/etc?
  4. Hi Everyone,

    i am currently in the process for applying for canadian immigration. i have a bachelors from punjab university and i have met the requirements for IELTS wit L 8 W 7 R 7 S 7. i am still short of score.
    i have been told that if i do a diploma, i will be able to meet the score.
    Can someone please guide me where i can do the diploma from so that i can get the assessment from WES.

    Greatly Appreciated
  5. You can land and come back.
    To maintain your PR status you need to stay for at least 2 years in 5 years time
  6. How many years of work exp do you have
  7. Thanks. I have been told 3 years as well. Can you please confirm if it's 3 years or 2 years?

  8. Hi.

    I am in pool now of Express Entry and also in Job Bank.

    Just a questions:

    If I get job offer from Canada and also get 200 marks for that.

    Once I go to Canada, would I BE REQUIRED TO DO THE SAME JOB?

    Can you please guide me?
  9. Hey guys,

    So I created my profile and got 461 points, who else is with me here with 460+?
  10. These days 450+ is a good score to expect ita
  11. I never came across any such thing as leaving job after pr can cause revocation of pr
  12. How soon do you think I should expect an ITA?
  13. Has anyone got more information on this? I'm nearing the 6 month mark in a few days and it doesn't sound too hopeful. I've received no ghost updates (that I know of) or any other form of communication after the biometrics submission confirmation
  14. With 461 next draw

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