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Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am just starting this thread to make all the friends together for Express Entry.

    In order to discuss the problems,

    and queries for filling the Express Entry Online Application.

    Share your thoughts.

    Best of Luck!!

  2. Great
    How much score you got?

  3. Good Luck Friend
  4. ME too from Karachi, Pakistan with 341 Score. Missed FSW2014 just because of CES Uot.
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  5. same here. because of CES I missed the chance too. but thank God i received the report now.
    now i am gathering and scanning the documents to get it ready for express entry. :)
  6. Count me IN as well.

  7. I am from KARACHI but expat in Kuwait,

    I missed the chance because of our slow Government & System.

    Now I am willing to apply for EE with 359 score in NOC-2281.
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  8. If you are married, then you should get your Spouse ECA done, to claim her points.
  9. Mine is not yet received, Expected in Mid February. You can see my timeline below my posts.
  10. Wellcome, Your Score and location please?
  11. Can you please guide, how to assess myself (for e.g. calculating score, etc.) further I haven't done this evaluation of my credentials so far, will it effect or I can profile without this.
  12. Hi,

    Mine is 327. Hoping for the best.
  13. well actually i am a spouse :) and my husband is the main applicant. I have taken HEC appointment to attest my docs and send to CES. but this will take time so in the mean time i am preparing all docs for my husband so that we can apply.
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