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Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Well I am not so sure about that since I am in my case both parties were present. All I know is when you get the affidavit done you need to have both sender and receivers signatures and thumb prints on the deed.
  2. Hi Guys
    By the Grace of God (Alhamdulillah)
    PPR here today
    Complete timeline is......

    Application Received = 21 August
    Letter for Biometric fee = 7 September
    Fee paid =17 September
    Medical Instructions = 19 September
    Medical done = 26 September
    Pre arrival services letter= 28September Biometrics request = 12 Novemberd
    Aditional doc. Request = 12 Nov
    RPRF Request = 12 November
    Fee paid. = 19 November
    Biometrics done = 20 November
    PPR ...25 January 2019
  3. Hello,
    I want some information regarding the date of birth. My date of birth on Matriculation certificate is incorrect, Different from the ID card, Passport, Birth certificate etc.
    I wanted to know can I get my ECA with incorrect date of birth on matric certificate? Which company should I use for ECA, IQAS or WES.
    I have heard that IQAS don't require matric and inter certificate they demand the Bachelor and masters only is that correct?
    Will I need my matric certificate for Express Entry profile or in future for immigration etc?
  4. Hello. I need some information related to PCC from Karachi. I used to live in North Nazimabad town Karachi till 2010. Later, shifted to Gulshan town. Now, PCC will be from police stations of both towns or it will be a combined PCC.
  5. First you have to check if your profession is in demand in any of the provinces offering nominations
    If yes, you can read about those provinces online, like when do they open the nominations etc

    In case of any confusions, I would recommend you to go through a well known/ very reliable consultant
  6. Just got the PPR letter for me and my wife. We both had our medical examinations in different countries. Now we are together. I wanted to know;

    1. If there is a PPR email for my child to be issued by cic as well?

    2. Can we all submit our passports at the same country even though one of them mentions another country specifics.

    Please inform how should I resolve these issues?
  7. Hey anyone here who got their BDS evaluated from ICES?
  8. check the website for more info. hope that will work
  9. i am from karachi
    i have done MBBS from dow medical college
    and FCPS in anesthesia
    is there any doctor on the forum who can guide me.
    for mbbs MCC will verify but what about FCPS
  10. Hey i did check the website. Apparently they don't have a table like IQAS does where they tell you how your degree is evaluated and expected outcome. So I'm just confused
  11. Hey,

    Anyone has his/her biometrics done in Lahore or maybe Islamabad/Karachi, I need some help with an appointment. I am trying to book an appointment online. Apparently, there are not any appointments available in the next month. It would be highly appreciated if anyone of you guys can explain to me the procedure. Thank you.

  12. https://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/Pakistan/
    hope that will work for you
  13. yes. for Pakistani there is no equivalency tool available online that will create an outcome. so better to create a thread for you education gathered people there and get some info regarding your post.
  14. How to make a timely enrollment for Biometric verification at VFS ISB or LHR? Right now both Centres are showing that they don't have any available slots and Biometric needs to be done within 30 days. Kindly suggest

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