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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone is it a requirement to show husband name in passport and marital status as married for cnic incorporating husband's name instead of father's name for Pakistani citizens?
    From what I know Nadra Marriage Certificate is the only proof of marriage required by CIC.
    If both of us have valid cnic and passport at the time of making EE profile, should we just let it be? Our ielts and eca have been done against existing cnic and passport.

    For reference, our nikkah is beginning of May and husband's cnic is expiring end of May 2019. Should he renew his cnic now (as we would need a valid cnic for nikkah) and not update the marital status for cnic as his cnic would be valid?
  2. Also adding to above query, any implications of the above scenario for making police character certificate?
  3. Can someone help me with my query regarding change of name.

    Originally posted here https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/confusion-regarding-name-change.615622/

    "The name on my id/passport was different from the one on my educational documents so I got it changed a few years ago. I have travel history on my old passport with my old name. I am confused regarding what exactly I have to show to CIC to prove that my name was changed?

    Secondly, since my birth certificate and stamp paper submitted for name change are in Urdu, I will need to get a translation of it if I have to attach those. Does anyone (especially those from Lahore, Pakistan) have experience in this regard? What do I need to upload, the official guidelines are quite vague with regards to translations.

    Help in this regard would be appreciated."
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    slam can anyone help me on this i just applied my express entery i evaluated everything was ok but when i uploaded my case on Gckey it shows you are not eligible for pool that is the first message i got but when i check on help it says we are reviewing your eligibility and let you know when it completes kindly is that obvious message that every one in 1st got or what it is .And in minimum entry criteria that message it shows 'To qualify for Express Entry, you must meet the eligibility criteria. While your profile is pending, it means that we are reviewing to see if you meet these criteria. When we are done our review, we will tell you if you meet or do not meet the criteria'Thanks
  5. Hi MJAB,

    What is your current status. Did you received the Golden mail / PPR?
  6. 23 Sep 2018 AOR anyone?
  7. Have anyone gone through WES Upgrade by adding new credential recently? I have my 4 yrs bachelors ECA from wes which i did in 2017. Now I want to upgrade report and want to add PGD to it. The documents required showing Inter Certificate and Transcripts and PGD Certificate and Transcript. Do we need to send Inter certificate and marksheet again sealed by board OR just PGD documents sealed by HEC would be enough? Can someone guide if they have gone through upgrade process.
  8. August end. No update yet.
  9. Hello guys, what is the average time for Pakistanis to go from AOR to PPR ? (min/max/average)
  10. Hello Everyone,
    i am from Karachi, Pakistan, I need to send my documents to CES (University of toronto) for ECA.
    BCOM 2 years
    MBA 2 years
    I have a HEC sealed envelop with attested bcom and mba degree and transcripts. I need to ask that shall i take a big envelop and place the HEC envelop and other forms and documents in that and send directly to CES or there is any other process. Please mention if i am missing something.

  11. Hi Guys!

    I just wanted to give my update on this thread, I am not a frequent visitor on the forum now. Alhamdolillah I landed in Canada last year, this is my 6th months in Canada. Below is my complete timeline:

    Express Entry Profile Created 3 January 2017
    ITA 51st Draw 4 January 2017
    Application Submission 12 January 2017
    AOR 13 January 2017
    Background Check In Progress 17 May 2017
    Re-Medical Call 7 June 2018
    Schedule A Background Declaration Form (IMM 5669) 7 June 2018
    Supplementary Information - Your Travels (IMM 5562) 7 June 2018
    Re-Medical Done 4 July 2018
    PPR 31 July 2018
    Passport Submitted 6 August 2018
    Visa Stamped & CoPR Issued 8 August 2018
    Passport Dispatched From Islamabad To VFS Karachi 8 or 9 August 2018
    Passport Collected After No Call From VFS 15 August 2018
    Landed In Toronto 31 October 2018
    PR Card Received 5 January 2019
    Health Card Received 31 January 2019

    Thank you all for your moral support and encouragement during the very long wait between AOR and PPR.
  12. Thank you for sharing detailed update. All the best to you for your future in Canada.

    I have a question. Why it took approx. 1.5 years ( from Jan 2017 to July 2018) to move your case towards PPR. Was there any complications involved?
  13. Hi All,

    Anyone over here got PPR on March/April 2019?
  14. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to know that is it true that most of the applications from Pakistan are processed in more than 6 months as I have heard that now almost all the applications from Pakistan take at least 8 to 12 months till the final decision comes? Anyone here who got the final decision after 6 months?

    Please please reply.
  15. My dear fellow August 2018 applicants. By the grace of the almighty I have got my ppr. It came in my cic account as a request letter. So don’t get confused if u don’t get it in an email . Thi confusion killed some of my excitement ;) so don’t be the victim of this confusion
    I hope u all will receive it soon.

    Special thanks
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