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Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Yes for at least 1 year
  2. IRCC tries to meet the 6 months timeline, but some application has crossed the 6 months mark. The time of processing the application totally depends on application to application.
    To know the status of your application you have 3 options
    1. Webform
    2. Call IRCC
    3. Order gcms notes
  3. HI guys,

    So I have worked at an I.T firm as a Senior Marketing Executive, However the management has only printed the following duties on my experience letter , can you please help me understand which NOC better suites my job responsibilities and if these responsibilities and format is enough for the reference letter.

    To Whom It May Concern

    This is no certify that Mr. Ali Ahmed bearing CNIC #--------------- has been working full time (48 Hrs./week) with IMT (Karachi) at a basic salary of Rs 42,000 since March 20, 2017. Presently, he is working as Senior Executive - Brand Management in Brand Management department. His duties are following:

    · Managing brands through blogs, reviews and other digital marketing mediums.

    · Assisting in designs and layouts for websites, brochures and videos.

    · Coming up with creative ideas for content marketing and website updates.

    · Writing impactful web content for the clients' websites.

    · Collaborating with designers and web developments to improve user experience.

    · Effectively managing brands presence on diverse online forum.

    This all on a company letterhead with their relevant information numbers and etc.Kindly advise
  4. Guys i plan to travel via Heathrow airport for landing at Canada with my family
    Please advice
    1. Any need for a transit visa if I am not leaving the airport?
    2. How much minimum layover should I keep between the connecting flights?
    3. Will I have to claim and check in the baggage along with security checks and immigration/border control during transit?
  5. Which airline? Make sure to ensure a sufficient layover time to change terminals and pass through immigration at LHR.
  6. May
    I know what you guys did for funds transfer ? Are you taking cash, DD or used the Wire Transfer into New Comer account ? I am in a bit of a bind due to exchange rate fluctuations and shortage of USD in the market and need to know what best course of action to be taken
  7. Hello Guys,

    I am facing some difficulties in my funds' transfer. Unfortunately, I chose the worst time to leave Pakistan due to current fiscal conditions.

    1. Banks are not allowed to send a remittance from PKR to CAD in your CAD account.
    2. In order to send CAD to New Commer Scotia Bank A/C I need to take the FCY which involves buying USD from open market and depositing then in FCY account then for transfer to newcomer account. I would take a huge loss due to USD rates nowadays.
    3. I have a SCB FCY a/c but not enough dollars in that so I have to buy $ at horrendous rates and then get them deposited in FCY a/c wait for 8 days clearance period (Will be doing it through check), then send it through Wire Transfer to CAD a/c and lose on conversion rate as well. I asked them for a USD 15,000 transfer and they told me it can be done.
    4. Bank can also make a CAD DD against my USD a/c by applying conversion (SCB has operations in Canada so they will make their own)
    5. Another option is NBP Exchange which will make CAD DD through their partner bank (Bank of Montreal). Which can be deposited in CAD account upon my arrival there. However, the clearance time for a DD is one month. However, the branch on Shahrah-e-Faisal told me that their limit has expired and they can't make the draft before 1st June.
    With the dollar short in the market and extreme hike in prices, I am worried which route to take to avoid losing heavier amount in all these currencies conversion. Plus there is the added danger of GoP imposing restrictions on the amount which can be taken out in cash through airports ($3000 is the proposed restriction).

    Can anyone guide me a better way? My total transfer is CAD 28,000 out of which I plan to take at least CAD 5,000 in Cash. Please advise reliable currency exchanges in Khi which would make CAD DDs.

    Would appreciate your feedback.

  8. You can carry $5000 cash and get the account statement from the bank signed and stamp, that should be sufficient. I did the same and guess what no one asked me at immigration about the money.
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  9. Dear All

    I am having a two years BA degree from Pakistan
    1 year BED (bachelor of education) degree from Pakistan
    2 Years MA (masters in english) from Pakistan.
    Can any one tell me what it will be evaluation result from WES? as in WES, it does not show Pakistan to evaluate in general.
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  10. Can anyone please confirm if Wes actually needs Matric and Intermediate certificates? Some people are saying it does, some are saying not needed.
  11. They only need FA/FSC verified..
  12. You just need secondary and post secondary credentials which are Intermediate and degrees you completed after inter.
  13. You need both. matriculation certificate & marksheet to be sent directly by the board of secondary education and intermediate certificate and marksheet to be sent directly by the board of intermediate education.
  14. Hi guys,
    New to all this.

    So I happen to be ACCA affiliate with a BSc Hon. Would both qualifications carry score in EE? I calculated my CRS which came out to be 446 with 1 year of practical experince including a couple of full-time internships. I hear I should go for CPA, but thay would require getting ACCA membership which doesn't happen for another couple of years for me. Has anyone of you gone through the same, with the above mentioned qualifications and experience? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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