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Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. I don’t think Nadra will allow you to do that but you can try...
  2. I got two or more degrees from WES. Been advised to do a re-evaluation from IQAS or CES in hopes of a Masters. Anyone got similar experience?
  3. In such case can I exclude those brothers and get my mother in law's frc made? During online application, the website was allowing me to exclude them and proceed.

    Since I just want to prove her relationship with the brother who's sitting in Canada and he's appearing in FRC, what do you think?
  4. Yes that would be fine. Main goal is to prove your relationship rest doesnt matter..
  5. Dear Friends
    I recently receive my ECA report from WES which shows Bachelor 3years and Bachelor 4years
    Ielts R9 L7.5 S7 and W6
    More than 8years experience in NOC2171
    And my age is 32
    My CRS is around 353
    Which option or province is good for me?
    What should i do now??
    Please if anyone can give me a good advice
    Thank you
  6. retake IELTS
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  7. Thanks for advice
    If i am applying via PNP, do i need to get more score in ielts?
    I heard that if u receive invitation or job offer you can get more points
  8. what were your degrees ?
    Recently a person got masters from WES. Degrees were 4+2. Got TOM first but requested for a review and got masters.
  9. Request WES to review the equivalency again if u have masters
  10. How to request them?
    By email??
  11. Use contact us form or call them
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  12. Thanks dear
    I sent them msg via Contact us tab
    Because i did MS Information Security from NUST and they consider it bachelors
  13. I have 2 years bachelors and 2 year MBA.

    People with same degree combination, please share your experience with different agencies.
  14. U can get “Two or more ” from wes. Go for it.
    Or u can try ur luck with CES by applying just Masters eca, n u may get masters equivalency
  15. I have a "two ore more degrees" from WES. Need Masters qualification to claim additional 7 points. Anyone with 2 plus 2 got Masters from CES?

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