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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nickarter84, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. WES also included my intermediate in the ECA report so I wanted to furnish them the entire ECA results rather than just picking the highest one.
  2. Always mention board or university not the name of school or college
  3. W
    WES is better for immigration bcoz it is faster than others
  4. How do you say that? Can you please give any reference/ source because most people have directed me to put college name and not board name?
  5. The simple rule is ......
    Always mention the institute who is authorized for awarding degrees.
  6. Since they have asked for "Institution name or College name" and not "Awarding institute name" suggests that we should mention the institute name. The name of institute is also mentioned in our marks sheets/ certificates so this can be corroborated through them. Anyways, I'm sure this is a menial detail and CIC won't really care though.
  7. Hi all,
    I need some help regarding the WES, credentialing process in karachi.
    I did my B.A from karachi university in 2009. i have degree but not the transcript. how to get it?
    i did my diploma in automotive Technician from Amantech in 2017.
    how should i proceed further.
    Please advice me what to do?
    Thanks all.
  8. On 20th Jan I received a ghost update without any email notification with the application board displaying the message ending with ' ...most of the progress happens close to the completion date'.
    Today it says 'make sure you see your messages ...' but neither have I received any message being unread or nor any email from cic.

    Tried refreshing and login in a few more times and different device. No change. Any clues?
  9. Can anybody please reply urgently.
    My brother is sending me some money as gift from Pakistan to saudi arabia in my account. His bank, Allied bank doesn’t offer international account to account transfer. Can someone please tell me which bank offers such service?
    Or what is the alternative to go through this smoothly

    Please help
  10. Standard chartered probably.

    Another alternative is that he can seen this money through Western Union.
  11. Guys can anyone please tell me where I can go in Islamabad or Rawalpindi (someplace genuine) to get my passport size photo taken and made as per the requirement of CIC for the purpose of visa stamping/post ppr?
  12. Does western union transfer direct to bank accounts or will i have to pick it up from western union and then deposit in my account?
  13. I believe you will have to collect it directly from a western union branch... you can use the tracking number and receipt given to you after you receive the money (showing sender's name and receivers as well) that will act as proof that this money is coming from your brother. After that the main thing you have to make is the gift deed/affidavit which is tricky part because both parties' signatures need to be on the affidavit. So I am not sure how you can make that happen since your brother is some place else. Either ways good luck.
  14. From what i've read, there is no need for recipient of the gift to be present for making gift deed/affidavit. Is that right?
  15. What will my education credential equivalency by canadian education assessment body, i have done b.com (2 year) from university of karachi and post graduate diploma (1 year) from university of karachi ?

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