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Hours per week (required)?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by smhamza, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. I am filling my work experience in express entry profile. I came across above.

    None of my employments has explicitly mentioned number of hours to me but all my jobs were full time commitments and I would work for very long hours.

    I am putting 40 hours per week (6 hours * 5 working day).

    Should that be okay?
  2. Just make sure whatever you put on the form matches with what your employer/payslips/tax documents say. If you say you worked 40 hours but your payslips show an average of 20hours a week you will be in trouble.
  3. i don't have work hours mentioned on any employment letter, experience letter, payslips, or tax documents either for myself or my wife.

    however i am sure that all of them are much more above 30hr/week.

    on safe side, should i write 30 hours / week for all work experiences for both myself and my wife?

    i hope understating the work hours won't cause a problem?
  4. putting 30 hours / week because 30 hours / week is maximum CIC considers anyway....
  5. If you're claiming points for full time work you have to prove you were working full time

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