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OINP- PNP - Tech draw July12 - NOI with CRS pls - let's discuss here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MVK2019, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hi, If I resign from my current job after I get ITA, do we need to inform IRCC about the change of employment status!
  2. I think so..Yes
  3. As per my knowledge, If you fall under either of these 2 below categories then yes you have to inform them,
    • You are currently working in canada and have shown your employment as proof of settlement funds.
    • You have applied under employment job offer category.
    Its always better to call or email oinp directly and get things clarified. They are very swift in responding to queries.
  4. Update
    Notification of Interest: 12th July
    ApplicationSubmitted: 16th August
    Assessment: 27th August
    Decision in Progress: 31st August
    Nomination: Awaited
  5. Well I do not fall under the mentioned two categories.I have applied as FSW and claimed points for foreign work experience(3.6 years in a single job).So my CRS score won't change.Also,I am expecting ITA in the next draw.so,if I have to notify them how to do it?
  6. You can email them with a letter of explanation. Also, if you are not talking about the OINP then I would suggest you to post your queries in the relevant thread. Because, this thread is only related to people who have got OINP NOI.
  7. I have already received the nomination from OINP, so was asking about the next step related to my application. Anyways,thank you!
  8. Hi All,

    Below is my timeline:-

    Noc: 2172
    OINP Received:- 1st Aug, 2019
    Applied:- 19th Aug, 2019
    ADR:- 30th Aug, 2019
    Assessment:- 31st Aug, 2019

    Please keep this thread updated, so that i can see whats happening with the timelines.

  9. Any change in the status?
  10. Hello Pulkit,

    What additional document was requested?

    Thank you
  11. Did any one received nomination today for July 12 . If yes please share your timelines to track
  12. Nope, still in Assessment stage...!!
  13. They asked me to authorize WES to send a copy of ECA to OINP directly, as the copy which i provided was not enough. Hence, i ordered a duplicate copy online from WES portal and got WES to deliver it both electronically and paper-based. It costed me 37 CAD and got completed in one business day.
  14. I'm still awaiting my decision and here's is my timeline
    NOI -12th July
    Submitted - 16 th July
    Assessment - 25th July
    Decision in progress -30th July

    As of today my status is still in decision in progress.

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