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My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RookieMistake, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Ahh good to know. I am a born citizen hence did not have the knowledge thank u
  2. Most of the residency requirements plus the 3 month wait periods (as you know) apply to everyone including citizens. They are trying to ensure that only tax paying residents have access to healthcare.
  3. Service Canada Monday to Friday only.
  4. Yeah, I forgot to mention that.
  5. Hey guys,
    Just did my landing. Arrived to Toronto yesterday. Everything went well until the immigration officer asked me for an address. I gave her my friend's address in Manitoba. She said she cant accept it because since I was nominated by the province of Ontario, I had to give her an address in Ontario, not another province. I didnt know that . So she marked something on the COPR and gave me a form called "Address notification - Permanent residence card" and asked me to fill it in once I have an address. It is marked on the form that, once filled in, it can be either faxed to the PR card processing center, OR i can contact the PR card call center and they provide a contact number, OR access the online address notification on the CIC website.
    I decided to go for the last option (CIC wrbsite) but the link provided in the form (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/index.asp) doesnt seem to have any place where I can provide my address for the PR card.

    Can you please help.

    Thanks a lot
  6. I forgot to mention that after what happened with the immigration officer at the airport, I've made some calls as soon as I reached the hotel, and managed to find a friend who lives in Ontario and who accepted that I use his address for my PR card.
  7. So you landed on 4th of December. How's the weather btw? I am planning to land in January. But afraid of the cold.
  8. And also congratulations:)
  9. Congrats,

    well, can this whole landing process and getting the necessary paper work together be done in 2 days ? I have to go back home to settle things before settling permanently
  10. Thanks for the detail info.

    I will be going to Canada on a work permit.

    I have few questions:
    1. Should I say "Settler" on BSF186 form?
    2. Can I select "Mover's inventory" on BSF186 and use BSF186A for goods I ship from Movers?
    3. What point of time did you collect your luggage, before or after Customs? (I am planning to take one suitcase and carton box)

    Thanks for your help.
  11. 1) It depends how long you intend living in Canada.
    3) Before customs
  12. Thanks for the response.

    My work permit has 2 years of validity.
  13. The safest way is to call them and inform your address. You'll wait about 30 minutes. Try to call early in the morning.
  14. Hey!
    Did you get any issue of not reaching Canada direct from your home country because I might having the same concern
  15. Thanks a lot

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