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My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RookieMistake, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Hey there,

    1. Though I don’t have first hand experience with transferring money beforehand I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be safe. Personally, it did not matter so I carried cash and travel cArds and later transferred funds directly (online) from my Indian bank account to my Canadian one.
    Also, no special reason just that TD was close by where I was living at the time.
    Setup an appointment online, Walked in, completed everything within 30 mins and walked out with accounts, (unsecured) credit and debit cards.

    2. Just in case you need a “static” address to receive documents, bank letters & statements, people have reported receiving PR cards, health cards etc. Having a mailbox would help in having a consistent address while one changes diff apartments/ hotels/ Airbnbs etc.. until you settle down and find a permanent place.
    At least this is what I did.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.
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  2. Hi @RookieMistake I will be moving to Canada as an immigrant from India as a skilled worker in couple months time. I wanted to know if the immigration officer questions you about the details on the Copr or they merely check it at their end and ask you to sign on the two copies. Thanks
  3. Hi! Any immigration formalities that have to be completed at the Delhi Airport for permanent residents? Or they just have to be completed at the Toronto Airport? Only the usual international travel procedures are to be sorted at Delhi Airport right?
  4. I got COPR and now making flight booking. Will transit visa be required if i have a 11 hour and 25 minutes layover at the Frankfurt airport and another 10 hours and 10 minutes layover at the Lisbon ( Portela ) airport? Please suggest the best site for making booking which has flexi booking facility and also what all documents i need to get from India before landing Canada like i heard about the international driving permit?
  5. I heard that Frankfurt is much better than UK in terms of layover as no transit is required for Frankfurt. Please help!!
  6. Hi. You should contact the respective Embassies/High commission offices in India to know if a transit visa will be required. That's what I did as I too have a layover at Paris airport. Have a look at this link to get an idea of the documents required:
  7. Thank you,

    can i do the SIN process later after I receive my PR card?
  8. Hi,

    Yes you can do SIN later, by as soon as possible.
    As with SIN you would not able to open a bank account, not able to work, you can not get a mobile SIM etc.
    Long story short, you need SIN for anything & everything initially.
    You may apply for SIN from the airport itself, it takes hardly 5 minutes.

    Just FYI: For getting the PR card, you need at least couple of weeks.

    Good Luck
  9. Hey thank you very much, yes I researched, it's better do to SIN, especially if I am applying for jobs from USA
  10. That's absolutely correct.

    Good Luck
  11. If the first landing happens to be on a weekend (Saturday - Sunday) will the Canada Service counter be open at the airport to generate the SIN?
  12. Search these forums for a precise answer, they are open half day on Saturday. Also while sin is important, it is quite easy to get it from any of the other service Canada centers. So I would not schedule flight plans based on timings of service Canada at airport.
  13. Not sure which country a citizen you're of, but Indians don't need transit Visa for Frankfurt. However it is best to confirm it with airlines since these rules change often.
  14. Wonder if you could share, what was asked of you at the Immigration in India? What questions? Given that it’s a single entry visa and says immigrant on it? What are you expected to carry or show at the immigration of the departing country, in this case, India?
  15. You are entering a port of entry, always be prepared to answer questions. If this is your first time landing (soft inclusive) you will be referred for secondary inspection, so expect even more questions on your intent, proof of funds, plans, confirmation of details, etc. Poe officer has right to refuse entry when not satisfied with your answers. At the same time, most of the folks are asked very few questions and let in with a smile.

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