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My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RookieMistake, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Your info is awesomely detailed. It should help people like me a lot.

    Is it possible for you to list out things needed to be done post landing process? I will be honest, I barely know anything about it - Except that I heard someone say things like "Apply PR Card", "Request Certain Documents", etc.
  2. Hey Guys

    I'll be landing in YYZ on 20th Feb.
    Just a few queries:
    1. I heard that if you have a valid offer letter from an employer in Canada, you won't be demanded to show the Proof of funds. My current employer is transferring me to Canada. Will my transfer letter be sufficient or should I request a separate Job Offer letter from the Canadian branch for this purpose?
    2. I am just carrying clothes, utensils, edible items and a few electronics and I don't have any goods to bring in through courier. What should be filled in the goods accompanied form in that case?
  3. Anyone here who've landed with young children during late hours ? Although I'm pretty clear about the formalities , thanks to all the detailed posts, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to land in toronto at about 10 pm with a 3 year old and then get going with the formalities? Given the 20 hour journey the little one would have had, I'm concerned about finding milk at the airport, something to eat etc.. in short I'd like do me advice on when to land after a 20 hour journey with a 3 yesr old kids in pearson. Appreciate your inputs and advice
  4. Before applying for PR, all of us would have done a education credential assessment. After landing in canada as a PR, do we have to do one more ECA assessment in order to find a job? ( I did read tgis somewhere online that employers ask for one)
  5. Couldn't you ask the air hostess to give you some takeaway (milk, something to eat) for you and child to consume at the airport?
  6. I will be soft landing on 30 march 19 at YYZ, i have my picture on COPR, will be coming back to home country after 2 days, should i consider that my picture are of right dimensions, as COPR issuer did not raise any query, of if in case they ask for new image can i send it from my home country ?
  7. that was a very useful & helpful post for people coming to Canada. I am looking for a short stay fully furnished property, airbnb seems to be pretty costly in comparison to what you shared in the post. What would you suggest for a 40 day stay airbnb or a rental house if we can get it. we are two families.
  8. Hi Jatin,
    If I may ask, when are you planning to land?
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    As per the other reply might be fine airside but milk is not allowed into Canada even from a supply from the plane unless coming from the US. As always with any food product or dairy always declare and leave to CBSA to determine if admissable in case there is some discretion.


    There is always as I recall a Starbucks or Subway after arriving and clearing immigration/customs open 24/7 at least somewhere in term 1, not that I have personally used them as my priority at any airport is get through as quick as possible whether departing or arriving.. Check the Pearson website for details, opening hours.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. Quite helpful indeed.
    Do you recall if all formalities at the airport can be done over the weekend as well? Say, if we land on a Sunday, can we wrap up all formalities w.r.t. Immigration, Service Canada, Customs?

  11. Google Service Canada's business hours.
  12. Hi

    I am going to land in Canada on 2nd of March. I will be going to Winnipeg as my final destination. I will do a soft landing and return to Bangladesh on 8th of March. Do I Need to tell the immigration officer about my intended period of stay. However, I have to stay one day in Vancouver due to no connecting flight. Is there immigration issue if I stay one day in Vancouver. I will fly to Winnipeg next day. Now as a PNP nominee I am carrying 8000 CAD (four member family) and rest money as stock market investment (with portfolio statement). Is this okay? Should I need to fill up any form before moving to Canada, so that I can process quickly. Would anybody kindly send me copies of this form so that I can fill up accordingly. Do I need to fill up PR card application form beforehand? What other documents should I carry with me at the port of entry? Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

  13. It may be an issue as you can't re-enter Canada until you have your PR card unless you have got a temporary visa.
  14. @RookieMistake
    Could you please suggest few neighborhood in Toronto for new immigrants which are safe/closer to main places/have a better social life ? Thanks
  15. Do adults need to get vaccinated before first landing?

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