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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Mar1219, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. I managed to link my OWP to my account following steps I found online.
  2. Hello everyone, I have just received a request letter from CIC for a foreign police certificate, it said the police certificate should be sent to CIC directly by the foreign police office. However, I can't find any mailing address on CIC's request letter, it only stated the letter was from Case Processing Centre Mississauga (without detailed address). Would anyone advise me the CIC address for receiving police certificate?

    Many thanks.
  3. call them

  4. Which country it is for? I got a similar letter for Netherlands.. but in my case i can forward it to IRCC once I receive it from Netherlands ... also weirdly they have something certificate of good conduct instead of Traditional PCC. Anyone else having Netherlands experience??
  5. For a Hong Kong police certificate.
  6. Cool... what is the status shown in the account ? Are they reviewing the eligibility or not yet ?
  7. I want to share the timeline with you guys:

    Application received by CPC Mississauga: 20190314.
    AOR by email sent to sponsor: 20190427 (yes, it's on Saturday, when I check status online, it said they started process my application on 20190426).
    OWP returned on 20190513 due to insufficient funds. Dates on the letter was 20190508.
    Submitted OWP to Edmonton centre on 20190514
    OWP application submitted to Edmonton Centre on 20190516
    Medical requested: 20190522
    OWP application received: 20190613
    Medical done: 20190613
    Medical sent: 20190620
    Medical received: 20190624
    OWP: ETA 20190813

    Today, we received request from CIC, they ask for two additional documents: 1. Proof of Relationship: You did not provide sufficient evidence of cohabitation. My wife hasn't got her OWP, which means she could not get a driver's license, without a driver's license, she could not do anything. The only document we have to provide evidence of cohabitation is the joint bank we have which we already submitted with our application in the first place. Everything else has only my name such as lease agreement, utility bills. I will have to re-submit the bank statement, hopefully they can take it; 2. Police Certificate: Provide an original police clearance certificate from France. My wife went school in France for two years, we have to find a way to get a police certificate from France.
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  8. Just an update, my OWP received on March 11 has had its status updated now to “We are processing your application.” Hopefully soon now?!
  9. Good, that’s a result of your filling up a web form. You actually reminded them that your application is past due now after 4 months so they started the process right away. Good luck!!
    Soon (today or tomorrow) the status will change to “we are reviewing your eligibility”. And then after a day or two your OWP document number will be update in online account and original document will be mailed to your address.
  10. Hi everyone, hope all is well.
    I am march 14 applicant. My background check started today July 16.
    Hope for the best..!
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  12. It seems like you were able to see your OWP application in process after a week of your submission a web form on the IRCC website. I did the same yesterday when I past the 4 months (almost 122 days) deadline of OWP process; However I chosen to call to IRCC, and they told me that they have sent the note to Case Officer so he can go ahead and process it right away. Lets see what will happen in ext few days!! :)
  13. Has anyone from March inland applicants received their CSQ already for quebec/montreal? Quebec procedures seems to be longer than other provinces
  14. One applicant received his CSQ a week ago. MIDI took almost 2 months after “accuse de reception”....which normally they process within 25 days after “ADR (accuse de reception).

    I got my ADR on June 13 and still waiting for CSQ. I am expecting to receive it by the end of this month, hopefully.
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  15. have anyone experienced when you check your online account under view my application one day it says current status submitted and the other day current status pending registration?

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