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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Mar1219, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Did anyone else not get an AOR? The first I heard from CIC was when they sent me the request for the medical exam.
  2. I’ve heard some people never get AOR and it’s “OK”
    I’ve heard some people get AOR and they can still receive their application back, lol
    So if you got MR that’s great news
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  3. Good to know, thanks!

  4. Another question - I moved here in November (had some delays getting my marriage certificate, which is why our application wasn’t submitted until March). What’s the process for OHIP? I’ve heard people say that you can get it within 3 months, but based on the Service Ontario website it says I need an IRCC letter that says I’m eligible to apply for PR. I’ve never received such a letter, in fact on the CIC page, it says they’re still determining my eligibility and I never received AOR, however I did receive a request for the medical exam, completed it, and my status is listed as “passed.”
  5. 3 months wait and you have to have a letter proving full time employment for at least 6 months if you have an inland app and OWP.
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  6. Thanks!

    I messed up my OWP and still trying to figure out how to get it in correctly, so I guess I'm not eligible at this time.
    I initially sent in my OWP application, but paid the wrong fee ($100 instead of $155). By the time it got sent back to me, I was out of status. Based on what I've read here and the call I made this morning, I need to resubmit my OWP app. The guy on the phone said to check the restoration box, but the only one I'm seeing is "restore as worker." Then, when I look at the fees, it says restore as worker is $355, but he said I could use my old receipts and only pay $200 more - so would that be the restore as visitor fee, since that's only $200? Then he also said I need to pay $100 open work holder permit fee. So I've paid the $155 and now need to pay $300 more.

    Has anyone gone through this before - does this sound right? I just don't want to mess up the OWP again and go back into the queue for a fourth time. Third time's the charm, right?
  7. It would make sense for them to issue it once restoration was given. Because you sent it on implied status, which they are adamant about being a legitimate status. The question is how long it will take to get restoration.

    But another update on my timeline, my OWP was finally granted to me after clearing up that confusion. Thank goodness I called them and had them look it up. So my timeline is as follows

    App. Received - March 11
    AOR - April 25
    Medical Request - May 9
    Medical Complete - June 3
    OWP Approved - June 28

    Needless to say, I'm a happy camper.

    I encourage everyone who applied on implied status to call and ask if they were classified as applying in-status or out. That's a pretty huge mess-up, and I would have been waiting several more months if I didn't check.
  8. I checked the restore as a worker box. Since you are applying to work, it would make sense that when your status is restored, it is as a worker. But I am not 100% certain on how they will treat it. I would do that and then also pay the separate restoration fee. Turned out I didn't need restoration after all, but that is the route I took. An agent told me about this too.

    You need to pay 255 for the OWP fee (OWP holder+work permit), and then 200 for restoration. The extra 100 is because you haven't had a work permit before, thus never paid that holder fee. If you did, ignore that.

    If I am wrong about any of this, someone who knows better, please correct me.
  9. I just got my restoration of status approved yesterday (June 28). Do you think that I must call to IRCC and ask them about the work permit ? Or simply send the visitor record through the web form and request the OWP?

    P.S. Congratulation that your OWP is approved. Happy for you !!! :)
  10. Hi everyone.
    APP: Dec 22 2018
    AOR: Feb 22 2019
    MR: Feb 27 2019
    MC: Mar 1st 2019
    MP: Mar 13th 2019
    BGC started: June 19th completed and passed security check/ criminal check ( waiting).

    Does anyone know how long does the criminal check takes and what’s the next step?
  11. Thanks a lot.

    Did you actually apply for the owp? The processing time for that will depend on if you've already applied or not. I'll assume you did when you sent your restoration or PR, yes? In that case, the owp should be granted somewhat soon since you're now in-status.
  12. Yes I sent OWP application along with my PR application.
  13. APP: Dec 22 2018
    AOR: Feb 22 2019
    MR: Feb 27 2019
    MC: Mar 1st 2019
    MP: Mar 13th 2019
    BGC started: June 19th completed and passed security check/ criminal check ( waiting).

    Can anyone tell me how long does it take to get a request for BIO. I was never asked
  14. You most likely don’t need bio for inland app and you can ask for bio fee refund.
    Not sure if you noticed but this is March 19 inland thread.
  15. Yea I noticed it’s march. Thanks for the reply

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