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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ashmorgan18, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Thanks so much!!! ❤️
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  2. Your avatar (blue circle) is a flag of Alberta :)
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  3. Hi,

    We got a medical request for my spouse which she completed today.

    Do we need to send the acknowledgement copy to IRCC through the webform?

    Thank you.
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  4. Usually if the doctor use e-medical is gonna be sent automatically. but i would suggest to keep a receipt something that you completed the task as a proof. Most cases take around 5 to 10 days to be updated with IRCC (Review) then if you use CIC gckey you'll see that the Medical exam passed to :
    • (DATE) You passed the medical exam.
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  5. Thank you patvicto. The doctor will be using e-medical but he also asked her to send the acknowledgement to IRCC. Do i used the webform to do that or wait for 5-10 days.

    Thank you
  6. Well by Webform , is gonna take them minimum 5 days before they respond to the message so haha :) You still can do so.

    Something like : "Hi , This is to mention that the exam of the principal applicant beed done by (Who) ______ on (Date Time) _____ at (Location) __________ as planned."
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  7. Thank you. I will still go ahead and do it to make sure all leaks are sealed :)
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  8. Just sent my Photocopy of Passport and Photos to the embassy in london! Tried to do it online but no option on GC so sent it special delivery and tracked. Will arrive tomorrow morning :D
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  9. Wow... so so happy to receive this news from you... I’m happy for you I must say. Congratulations to ur
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  10. Hi. My husband also got the same email from the clinic where he did his medicals. Did you send the acknowledgement copy thru webform?I was just wondering why do we have to sent that copy when they already forwarded the result to ircc already. TIA for the reply.
  11. You don't need to. these are e-medicals and reports are sent directly by the physician. this should updated and marked as complete in GCkey in a week to ten days.
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  12. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering too why the clinic asked my husband to send the acknowledgement letter to ircc when they already sent the medical result to them. Did you receive the same email too?
  13. Hi everyone We got an email by CIC stating that our application has been transferred to the VO in Manila Philippines.
    More than 15 days now VO hasn’t sent any email to us yet I mean AOR2 Which I think not all the VO send you.
    But does anyone has any idea how long Manila VO takes to process the rest of the application?,
    Is anyone else whose application also sent to the Manila office?
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  14. Firstly, congrats on the file transfer!!
    Secondly, not everyone gets AOR2 so don’t worry too much!
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