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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ashmorgan18, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. We got asked for additional documents on March 27th which was just after our first AOR1. We got transferred to CPC-M on June 24th and on July 11th we got DM and Pre Arrival Services, and the additional documents on GC still says “the additional documents you provided have been uploaded” :p
    I feel like sometimes they just review them, make their notes, and then carry on without changing anything on GC. It’s not like that in every case, but it was for ours!
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    Unfortunately , yup...they are really late in their batches... heard they just sent November 1st - November 18th 2018 ,that were remaining on June24th 2019 to Mexico... so... Feb-March 2019... it's far.
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  3. Mexico and London working with a same speed. Only early nov applicants got their files transferred to LVO
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  4. Yeah i bet , so i guess our turn gonna be long to have , not before September *sigh*
  5. Someone should please talk about Accra visa office.. I would like to know their speed rate...:(
  6. Can anyone here point me in the direction of anyone who has entered under dual intent? I am considering to do this in September and welcome any experiences that people have had.

  7. @JoshC may be able to assist
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  8. Hi @JoshC

    What steps did you take in order to convince a border officer that you still have ties to your home country? Did you have a return flight? Also will you be waiting in Canada whilst you are waiting for a decision to be made on your PR? (If you haven't already got it)

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  9. What's the benefit of entering under dual intent vs a 6 month visitor visa?
  10. I don't know to be honest?
  11. Dual intent is for people of Visa Exempt countries. It allows the person to enter Canada under two intents; temporary and permanently. The maximum you can stay is 6 months as a visitor anyway if you’re from a Visa Exempt country. Dual intent is totally legal and legitimate, you just need to show proof to the Border Agent, however @JoshC just told the officer that he was entering under dual intent and explained he had proof etc but the agent let him through as he believed him. He remained in Canada until his PR came through.
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  12. You can take a look at the history of his messages in his profile. Just recently he posted a message, and I believe it was in this thread, carefully explaining everything.

    But short answers are:
    He didn't need to convince an officer, he just said he was coming under dual intent, that's it. No questions followed. And he already got a PR. Yes, he was in Canada at that time.
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  13. Sorry Jessie, didn't see your reply, you already explained everything :)
  14. No worries!! I’m still waiting for PPR ;) so happy to keep helping if I can
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  15. Yeah that's what i think too.

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