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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ashmorgan18, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Congrats!
  2. Many many thanks for the feedback, hope my file got transfered.

  3. See what i was telling...copr a few days after :p Now you are free to go for the flight
  4. I'm in the same situation as you are. Feb 13th applicant. Visa office for Pakistan applicants is London which has a backlog. Looks like they are working November applicant. It will be a while before they start working on February files.
  5. I hv got two people saying that processing will be done at sydney offc now, i just want someone to call then md confirm..
  6. February 04th applicant from Pakistan and I have same situation, MR,BR,SA all received on March 15 and after that silence and no update of file transfer to London.

    Btw I did call Sydney office, they said that they will be working on the preliminary requirement on application here in Sydney and after that they will send to local VO, So in either case our files will eventually will go to London (that's what I believe). I hope that will be soooon.
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  7. I hope LVO wont take much time then...
  8. I recommend you double check all details on the COPR and Visa to ensure it matches her official document before booking flights . If presence of any errors, the passport needs to be returned to the embassy for correction. If your wife have a very long name and its shortened on the COPR then its not a mistake, they do it due to character limits. Don’t need to get it corrected.
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  9. Thanks a lot mate. Appreciate your help. Yeah I’m definitely going to check everything on the COPR before actually booking the flight. Cheers !
  10. Phew... :) Fell behind a bit, not coming to this thread for quite a while, and only now have finished reading everything I missed. A few hundred messages!! :D

    @Jessieroberts12 congrats!!! So happy for you!! You know, while I was reading all these messages, I kind of felt I would see some progress of yours. And here you are, at the end of my reading you got a DM! I feel like I finished reading a book :D

    Congrats to everyone who got DMs and PPRs recently! Everyone else - stay positive!:):p
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  11. Hello!! Wondered where you disappeared off to :p

    Thanks so much!! It all went super fast towards the end, and now I’m waiting for PPR any minute! Had DM and Pre Arrival Services yesterday so fingers crossed I hear news next week!!

    Hope all is well with you! :)
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  12. Yeah, everything is ok. Just at some point I realized I was subscribed and reading all the threads from Dec 2018 to Apr 2019. And it got too much :D I was just overwhelmed with all those messages and stopped reading them at all. Now unsubscribed from everything except Dec and Feb, and it's become much easier :)
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  13. Glad to have you back again!!
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    Hi everyone. I just received request for Biometric and sponsor approval after waiting for over 3 months. My Biometrics was done yesterday and immediately it was updated on GCKey as completed. Pls after this what is next?
    Anyone with hint?
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  15. That’s great news!!
    Have you had your medical yet? If not, it’ll be medical and file transfer, but depends on which Visa Office you’re waiting for as some are very backlogged.
    Again, great news :)
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