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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ashmorgan18, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone.

    This is a thread for all the applications being submitted in February. Please add your timeline when you come in:
    PA (primary applicant) Country
    AOR1: Acknowledgment of Receipt (email saying they have your app) (generally first sent to sponsor and takes 3-4 months)
    MR: Medical Request
    SA:Sponsorship Approval
    Medical passed
    MIDI - CSQ: Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion - The Quebec Selection Certificate/certificat de sélection du Québec. (Quebec Only)
    CSQ received (Quebec Only)
    CSQ AOR (Quebec Only)
    AOR2: Acknowledgment of Receipt at VO (Visa office of PA)
    CSQ approval (Quebec Only)
    BGC: Background check in Process
    DM: Decision made
    PPR: Passport Request
    COPR ISSUED: Confirmation of Permanent Residence (document you recieve when you become a PR)
    LANDED: Well you can imagine what this means
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  2. Thanks for starting this thread!
    Planning to send my application next week.
  3. Hey Guys,
    I have just submitted my Application for my wife (India ) through Canada Post Xpress Courier.

    Application sent: 31st Jan 2019
    Application Delivered: 4th Feb 2019
    AOR :
  4. I just mailed in our application today Feb 4th 2019 from the USA for my common law partner. I am excited to get this process started!

    Application sent: 4th Feb 2019
    Application Delivered:
    AOR :
  5. Hello everyone! So excited to be on this journey with you all. Sending our application today. I am the principal applicant (UK citizen), and my common law sponsor is Canadian Citizen!

    App sent: Feb 6th
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  6. Finally good to see Feb 2019 activity on forums. I am sending my application today 6th of Feb as well. PA here (India). Can someone please create a spreadsheet for the Feb 2019 Spousal PR. Would be much appreciated Thank You!
  7. my application was receive January 10/2019. how long does it take to get AOR
  8. Hey everyone,
    My common law (Canadian Citizen) have just submitted my Application (Filipino Citizen but i live in Tokyo ) through Canada Post Express Courier.

    Application sent: 11th Feb 2019
    Application Delivered:
    AOR :

    Good luck to all of us!!
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  9. Hi Everyone,
    Submitted the application for my spouse in India through Fedex.
    Application sent: 5th Feb 2019
    Application Delivered: 7th Feb 2019

    All the best to everyone.
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  10. Application delivered yesterday! Excited for this process.

    Any word on when AOR will come through?
  11. Trending at 2-3 months as of late.
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  12. Hi Everyone,

    Submitted my application for my spouse in India
    Application Sent - Feb 8, 2019
    Application Received - Feb 13, 2019 (Expected Delivery Date)

    Good luck everyone!
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