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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by ashmorgan18, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Oh... many thanks Jess. I really appreciate ur love and concerns. I haven’t received medical request yet and I guess that would come before my file is transferred to Ghana as my VO.. I hope they hasten up this time around.
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  2. Best of luck!! Keep us updated with any news :)

  3. your file could possibly be transferred before medical request. Our file was was transferred to Accra June 19 with no Biometric or medical request. They did ask us for additional document which I'm hoping we can submit by the end of this week.
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  4. Okay. Thanks :)
  5. Hello Guys! I’m an April applicant...I’m done with SA, BR, MR but my file isn’t transferred yet and is in Sydney! People who applied later have also got PPRs. Is there anyone in this February group who’s still waiting for the file transfer? Or waited for a long time to get it transferred?

    Here’s my timeline, let me know if you can relate
    PA: India
    Received - April 25
    AOR- June 8
    BR- June 14
    SA- June 17
    MR- June 17
    BR done - June 20
    Medical given - June 19
    Medical passed - June 22
    No updates after that and when I called the IRCC, I got to know that they’re working on the BGC, but it’s still in sydney and not transferred

    Please help guys if you have any idea

  6. *raise hand I'm done with Medical since April 23th.. sooo , waiting for Mexico
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  7. I am a February 22nd applicant and I have not heard anything since I passed my medical. Although, my file may have been transferred and I just haven't heard about it because I am using a representative. But I think there are still a lot of Feb applicants without decision made yet.
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  8. like I said in your post in the January thread, there is nothing usual or different about your timeline. No need to re-post.
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  9. Lots of feb applicants haven’t been transferred. Even some November applicants haven’t. You’ve done all you can do now so just keep staying positive and know that one day it will all be done :)
    They do say to expect 12 months and you’re well within that. All the best!
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  10. If i can finalty be sent by end of july or start of august that would be great , cause while they do the processing at Mexico we still have to prepare and send CSQ *sigh* good thing is vacation are coming up... hardly believable they let VO's been that late.
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  11. done medicals and bio since May 16th, still waiting on Mexico VO......and will probably keep waiting another month or so
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  12. Starting to fear it may be more than another month...
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  13. That's entirely possible but all we can do now is wait.
  14. I uploaded an additional document they requested, it's been 2 months and it's status is still "uploaded". No aor2 yet, just waiting til someone checks the additional information... I hope others are having fewer issues

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