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Citizenship Applications after Bill C-6

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by CANADIANZ, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Mine was delivered on 27th Oct
    AOR on 10th Jan

    You will get it.
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  2. Hi there,

    Please update my info on the sheet:
    App Delivered: Oct 16th
    AOR: Nov 18th
    In process: Jan 11th
    Family of 2

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  3. Updated. Congrats
  4. Can you please update my info on the sheet:

    Test Invite Letter: January 12th
    Test Interview Date: January 27th

    Thank you,
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  5. Updated. Congrats
  6. We received the FP request today so now we have an FP request letter and a test invitation letter both were issued at the same time with the same date! I thought they will ask for FP at first and then once it is finished they will then ask for a test invitation!
    Please do you know why they ask for FP? I am going to do it tomorrow
  7. @star_galaxy: Test Date- 10th Jan 2018
    @wins26: Test Date- 10th Jan 2018
    @LiveinCanada384: Test Date- 11th Jan 2018
    @salzafar: Test Date- 11th Jan 2018
    @CEC2013: Test Date- 11th Jan 2018
    @cheh2105: Test Date- 11th Jan 2018

    Hello all! I see all of you have had your Citizenship Test completed by now, according to your Test Invite date! How did it go? Can you share your experiences with us please? Congratulations to all of you in advance! It must have been a super-awesome experience I guess! :)
  8. All the very best!
  9. Nothing to worry about. Getting test invite does not imply your background check is complete. It can go on until after the test. They usually ask for FP when your name (partial or full), and/or biological profile like height, D.O.B, etc result in a hit in their/RCMP's database. They need your FP to make sure it's not you.
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  10. Hello everyone , I have got my AOR yesterday. Application delivered on 31st October. My name is entered twice though. For example it says XY YX XY YX instead of saying XY YX only. All my Canadian identification were issued with just one name which have two parts. Canadianimmigration have taken my given name from back home passport and used it as last name and left given name or first name column blank. Now since this citizenship online status is repeating my name. Should I notify them or just leave it? Thanks for your help.
  11. My application was received on Oct 20. Still waiting, so mad! to say the least
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  12. What's FP?
  13. Hello,
    Is there anyone who sent their application in the last weeks of October and didn't hear anything yet? My application was received on October 20 and I didn't hear ANYTHING from government.
  14. Fingerprint request.
  15. my application was delivered on 23rd of october and havnt heard anything yet.there are plenty of applicant been waiting from october 15 onwards.lets hope to get AOR soon.
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