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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. WoW! so they are moving faster than I thought! Could she link her application to her her acount?
  2. what's this file number compared to uci?
  3. Uci is a unique identifier assigned to the sponsor and pa. Every person who submits an application receives a UCIFile number is the application number
  4. not yet.
  5. I have heard that you should be able to link your application once they start working on it. Are your sure you are entering all the features right?
  6. Hello,

    Sent application from Korea Aug 15. The waiting game begins! Wish everyone luck!!
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  7. Hi Vishal,Congratulations :)!! Did you receive your first AOR in mail or email? My file was received on Aug 14th- sponsoring my husband from Gujarat.
  8. Thank you Manalikp. :) I received my first AOR in email. It's one of the most amazing feeling ever, when you hear this news :)

    Hope your application gets processed smoothly without any hiccups. Good luck :)
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  9. Hey folks, just joined up to this forum. I submitted my application in August and it was delivered on August 21st. On September 7th I got an email asking to pay my biometric fees. Couple of questions:
    1) I paid this and submitted as per instructions to the IRCC enquiries, when should I expect a reply?
    2) I can't link my account, only got an application number, do I just continue the expected waiting game for my AOR?

  10. Hello 99dundasm

    Can you let us know if this is an INLAND( Mississauga location ) or OUTLAID (NS location ) spousal application please.
  11. Sorry it’s a Outland spousal application, we’re currently in the U.K.
  12. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/spouse.asp

    Few countries need bio-metrics starting July-31-2018, I guess if your origin falls in this, they might have asked you to pay bio-metrics.


    Regards to AOR, i might not be the right person to comment on your wait time, friends can someone provide your valuable statements.
  13. Yeah I wasn’t surprised by the request to pay as I thought nearly everyone Outland has to do it now. Just thought it was odd because they’ve clearly opened it and no AOR, also wasn’t sure when I’ll know if I submitted my proof of biometric payment properly. Keen to avoid any delays :)
  14. Hopefully...I've followed their checklist to the dot so fingers crossed!!!

  15. Well in my case, my file reached on August-15th and no update as of now. I guess as per the previous posts in this link, makes me to think the current wait time is close to 2 months. ( again , i am just guessing).

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