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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Let's get this rolling! Who just submitted their outland spousal sponsorship application or will be applying this month?

    Comment here to check for updates and ask questions. Cheers!
  2. We're sending our application next week. Is Canada Post or courier better?
  3. I went with UPS (courier) because I wanted to track our application. I got the next-day delivery option. It was pretty costly, though.
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  4. Hi! This is my second time submitting the application, after it got sent back in July, now decided to apply Outland. Sent July 31th and received August 3th. Good luck to all!
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  5. Good luck, Sandrin3! Do you mind disclosing why it was sent back? Were you missing some documents?
  6. It was 2 reasons, a missing hand written signature beside the electronic one, and my birth certificate was translated but not certified. Hopefully will be ok this time
  7. Did you use the updated IMM0008 or the version prior?
  8. Yes, hopefully! Good luck to all of our applications. :D
  9. Hi all,
    Someone please create a whatsapp group for august 2018 applicants. My application received on 1st august.
  10. We sent our application on 6th August via Fedex. Waiting for confirmation.
  11. I don't have a Whatsapp account, unfortunately. Good luck with your application!

    Good luck! Did they receive your application yet?
  12. We are mailing our application today! Good luck to everyone!
  13. FedEx tracking shows it should be delivered by 5pm on 09th August ....

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