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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. We mailed ours in today! Used USPS Priority Express, according the gentleman at the post office it should be received by Wednesday 8/15 (doesn't feel very express to me!). The had a Global Express option that overnighted it but they weren't able to do it to a PO Box. I had last minute panic about how to know the best way to mail it....
  2. I didn’t send it to the po box. Address on the guide for using a courier is

    Submit your application by courier service
    If you’re sending the application using a courier service instead of by mail, pick the correct courier address (no public drop-offs):

    Application for spouses, common-law partners or conjugal partners currently living outside Canada and all dependent child sponsorships:
    Case Processing Centre - Sydney
    49 Dorchester Street
    Sydney, NS
    B1P 5Z2

    Note: Choose this option if your spouse or common-law partner is living in Canada with you, but doesn’t plan to stay in Canada while the application is being processed.

    I maybe wrong though...
  3. Hmmm... I believe that sending it USPS is not a courier. I hope I'm right about that.
  4. Thank you for creating this. :)

    That doesn't sound like express to me as well...lol. Why does it take such a long time? I availed UPS' next day delivery option. It was $60, but I sent it at 5pm then it arrived in Sydney, NS by 10:30am the very next day.
  5. Yeah— it said bc it was international it was 3-5 business days. Retrospectively I probably should have done UPS or FedEx. Nothing I can do now except just hope it gets there. Ugh
  6. mine was delivered this morning. Sent from the UK on Monday with Fedex
  7. Apparently, mid June applicants are still waiting on AOR, it is gonna take a while....
  8. That's true. The latest application date I've seen with AOR is June 18, yet IRCC is still finishing June 12 applications.

    As an update, Canada Post's drivers are on strike right now in Nova Scotia. I suggest that all August applicants use a courier when sending in their applications. You might experience delays if you send it thru Canada Post.
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  9. Our package is going to be delivered on Thursday (16th?). I'm super annoyed to read that applicants from mid-June still haven't received their AOR1. I had read several posts where people received it within 2-6 weeks. Hoping thats the case with us, too!

    Also, my husband and I joined the whatsapp group! Thanks to whoever created it.
  10. The average is around 8 weeks, if you start off being annoyed already you've got a long road ahead ;)

    When I went through this in March 2017, we got AOR in 10 days. Shortly after it started to jumping back up to the 6 to 8 week mark and has remained that way relatively consistently since. There was a brief time in the spring when the workload was taken largely off CPC M where some AORs were coming through faster, but I'd expect a longer wait once again.
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  11. Yeah. It's such a bummer that the average time for AOR is 8 weeks now. :(

    How long was your application from AR to PPR?
  12. 10 months outland Irish, London Visa Office.
  13. Cool. Is that the average time for LVO applications?
  14. Yes, it's one of the slowest offices.
  15. Hello all
    Friends can someone confirm me which address i should sent ( mine is a out land spousal application )

    should i send to mail address

    PO BOX 9500

    using a courier service to
    49 Dorchester street
    Sydney, NOVA Scotia.

    what is the difference between mail; and courier.
    as far as my knowledge mail does does not have any tracking and courier has tracking number and fast as well.

    I am trying to use UPS for the application package.

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