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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. I'm sure they didn't mean everyone, they're just talking about our particular spreadsheet. Even accounting for the fact that only a select few use the spreadsheet, it's true that it moved faster earlier in the month - some people were even getting their OWP's approved the day after receiving their AOR for PR. Can't fault people for being eager!
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  2. Yes, I agree. We’re talking about our spreadsheet information, it’s kind of obvious that the spreadsheet doesn’t show all the applications. Let’s shake the bad vibes off that post :D
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  3. Thank you - Around 24 hours I’d say. I linked my application yesterday and I had the app approved right the next day around the same time.
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  4. I certainly know not every applicant is on the spreadsheet. But, the progress was slower for the past two weeks as at a point the waiting time was as minimal as 40 days. Anyway, let's just hope it will not be even slower.
    I am feeling anxious because I have a very tight schedule. A delay would change my plan.
  5. Does anyone know what are the chances of getting a TRV from inside Canada approved using the OWP ? I am thinking about applying for a new one
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  6. My application was received on April 8th
    Still waiting on some response for my AOR and OWP.

    I emailed them last week just to see the status of my application. It says that they will reply you through email you only if they have started my application yet. So I'm assuming they haven't started my application? Because according to the spreadsheet I should have got my return application by now? Lol so many questions.
  7. Have you tried to link your applications to your online account (GCKey)?
  8. I have been trying everyday.
    My steps were:
    1 permanent resident
    2 family class common law
    3 using UCI, last first name, passport details or place&date of birth
    4 no. Of Applicants - 2?

    So far no results.
  9. OK, I do not know if you have typed this information
    - UCI of the "Principal Applicant" -it is not the sponsor's UCI, and family name -just the last name of the Principal Applicant.
    - Passport of the Principal Applicant or if you typed in "place of birth- City/town of birth", the same one which appears in the PA applicant's passport, if you do not write it as in the passport, it does not work. In general, you have to provide the PA applicant information contained in the passport
    - Where does the applicant intend to live in Canada? The province and city that you provided in your application
    - Number of family members: try the first time with 2 and if it does not work, try with 1

    *If it does not work, I suggest you to call them tomorrow morning.
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  10. Congrats!!! That's nice to hear.

    As for me, I called this morning and they said they still haven't entered my OWP case onto the system yet. I am going to call them everyday until I can at least link my application.
  11. Try to put a space after all the open entries that you entered. Like "2<space>" instead of "2". That worked for me when I linked my PR application.
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  13. I already answered the questionnaire and it says that I do qualify but my question is what are the chances for approval? I read in this forum that it's very hard to get a TRV as a spouse but i haven't come across anyone that applied from Canada and was refused so I am not so sure
  14. I don't think it matters that much because when you have an open work permit in hand, you have status in Canada, and having a Canadian spouse shouldn't be grounds for rejecting a TRV. It should be the same for people who hold student permits or other work permits. But that's my understanding of it. Senior members please advise if this is right.
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  15. I agree. I read that people have problems getting the TRV because they do it after sending their application and they’re outside Canada.
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