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Mar 31, 2019
Hello everybody. I just sent in my application this morning. I had been reading a lot from this forum but this is my first post ever.

Application Sent: April 2nd
Application Received: (To be confirmed)


Apr 4, 2019

In the checklist in Supporting Documents For Sponsored Persons, Point 7 - Proof of Relationship To Sponsor (e) on Page 9:
Select at lease two of the following four options and provide the documents requested for each. Check which options you are selecting:

1. Important Documents for your and your spouse showing that you are recognized as each other' spouse (such as employment or
insurance benefits)
2. Documentary Evidence of Financial support between you and your sponsor, and/or shared expenses.
3. Other proof that your relationship is recognized by your friends and/or family (e.g. Letters from friends/family, social media information showing a public relationship etc)
4. Proof of pass cohabitation, If you are not currently living together but did at one point in the past

Can anyone please explain option 1. My wife (Sponsor) employer wrote on her employment letter that I (Principal Applicant) will be added in her insurance benefits program on the next anniversary date as per the company policy. I do not have a insurance benefit program from my employer as I am working on a contract in Canada. Is this meeting the requirement for Option 1. ? or are there any other documents we can submit for this requirement? Please advise

We also taken proof from both our social media accounts so we are meeting option 3.

I also called CIC but they didnt provide any list of other documents we can submit.