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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. hi guys,
    i have applied for IQAS ECA and my documents were delicered on 19 july. I havent received any upadte since then. Any idea about the IQAS timeline? Is there anyone here who received ECA from IQAS recently?
  2. In same boat... Documents delivered on 27th July so keeping fingers crossed.
  3. have you received any update when the documents were delivered to them? :)
  4. Nope.
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    I think many of us are on the same boat. Mine got delivered on July 11th. I haven't received any updates yet. But i think for my case, it's probably because one of my transcripts haven't been delivered. If you know all your transcripts have been delivered, then i'd recommend to follow up.
  6. ;can u pls tell me how long did it take over all for you to receive IQAS ECA hard copy?
  7. Hi Guys,

    I have one concern here, my transcripts made by university have digital signature on it, however they are in the sealed envolop and stamp on it as well. So will there be any issue from wes end?
  8. My documents were also delivered on 11th june but i haven't received any confirmation so far. kindly let me know when you will receive confirmation from iqas and i ll do the same.
    Thank you
  9. Mine took four days to receive the hard copy, after receiving the ECA email with the soft copy. It was delivered by FEDEX to Lagos, Nigeria.
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    Let me share my timeline with you guys

    6th May- IQAS application delivered
    27th May- Acknowledgement of receipt of application package
    24th May- Transcripts delivered
    8th June- Acknowledgement of receipt of transcripts/File was placed in line for processing
    10th July- ECA email from IQAS
    14th July- Hard copy of ECA delivered by Fedex
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  11. Hello everyone ,
    i have applied for ECA through IQAS , I ve sent the files to the IQAS mailing address , but now i ve received the return receipt through email , what does this receipt means ?
  12. hi..all...
    has anyone received the acknowledgement from IQAS upon delivery of transcripts?? tried calling them...they are not even picking up the call.... :(
  13. Nothing yet..
  14. Just an FYI for everyone that is waiting for initial confirmation. I received an email confirming receipt of my application today (Aug 4th). It took 18 business days from the date of delivery.
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  15. Thank you for update.

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