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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Application package delivered to IQAS on 30 June. Transcripts mailed to them on 7th July. Haven't even received any confirmation about the delivery of documents till now.

    IQAS should atleast promptly acknowledge the receipt of documents.
  2. I would wait until Aug 21(30 business days), if you still don't get it. Use the contact form on their website. I think they have few resources and tons of applications to go over,patience is the key.
  3. I have been waiting for more than 45 business days since the email they sent after receiving my documents. I called them 3 times and every time they said that the assessment is complete and is waiting to be scanned and sent to me. They said it would take 1-2 weeks to do that. I m still waiting in the 3rd week.
  4. What country did you send your application from?
  5. Canada. My credentials are from India
  6. Bizzare. I was expecting a reply from outside Canada. I feel your pain, hopefully you'll receive it soon. I read the email they sent out confirming receipt, it reads " please do not call to inquire about your application status as this might delay processing." Which seems very rude, but I guess we can't really do anything about it.
  7. Application package delivered to iqas on 13 july.
    confirmation email sent by iqas upon receipt of application package on 09 august.
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  8. Application delivered to IQAS along with other transcripts on August 4th according to courier but no confirmation of receipt email as yet/to date.
  10. No, it's just initial confirmation for receipt of application package. although, all the transcripts were mailed to iqas on 25th july but they didn't confirm it yet.
  11. I have finally received the assessment on email today. I am hoping to receive the letter by post soon.
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  12. I'm quite disappointed with IQAS myself
    1. Documents mailed - 1st May
    2. Documents delivered - 5th May
    3. Confirmation email : 24th June
    No further correspondence since.Its now above 35 business days.

    But the reason i'm disappointed is that my wife's ECA, which I got done through WES as her college is more used to dealing with them got her ECA 3 weeks ago. It was sent at the same time as mine.
    Also, my friend, who sent his about a month after mine has also got his...again WES.

    I would strongly advise others to opt for WES and not IQAS
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  13. I am planning to use IQAS but had a question about how to send them the transcripts. When i spoke to a representative he said it has to be sent by the University but Mumbai university does not send them directly so he suggested using a covering letter. Has anybody used a covering letter or is there any other form also needed if the University is not sending directly to them.
  14. University of Mumbai will give you a sealed envelope, with their seal on the opening of the envelope. Just ensure they put your IQAS reference number on the envelope. Then either you or your contacts can courier it to IQAS from Mumbai.
  15. Thanks Andy !

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