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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    After researching the different options for obtaining an ECA, I have narrowed down the institutions to IQAS (alberta.ca) and WES (wes.org). Does anyone have any reviews or experiences with these institutions that could help me choose which one to go with? After reading some posts, it sounds like IQAS may be the better option, but I'd just like to see if anyone has any comments about them.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. If your university is listed in WES website then go ahead with WES as it is the fastest agency among all,
    you would finish your ECA within a month or 1.5 month

    Whereas, IQAS would take around 4-5 months (it depends upon the work load)
  3. I did my eca with WES.
    But I did an other évaluation with IQAS.

    Honestly, i had a good expérience with WES. Clear, and fast job with their on line tool to Check your application.

    IQAS is very slow (5 months...), with no Way to contact them.
  4. Thank you for your replies! It looks like I'll go with WES, then.

    The best of lucks to both of you if you are in the middle of your process.
  5. Hi,
    I just checked website of IQAS for their processing times... they says, it is 10 days.. below are the wordings taken from IQAS website:

  6. My university is not listed with WES. Should I go with IQAS then?
    Pls suggest exp folks.
  7. Any reviews please.
  8. You are right, it seems they have changed their processing times.
    I asked a basic assessment 1 yr ago and it took 4 months.

    But their process for ECA is quite new, because CiC accepts IQAS only since July 2015.
  9. Has anyone done their ECA with IQAS after CIC added them as authorised designated institution for doing ECA??

    How much time they take to complete ECA?
    WES is much faster among all.. It completes ECA at a rocket-speed of within just 7 days.. and will take more 7-10 days to reach in applicant's hands...
    the entire process will complete within 15-20 days with WES..
  10. If your University isn't recognised by WES its quite possible it won't be recognized by any of the other evaluation agencies either. Still, recommend you check IQAS's website, free evaluation tool if any.
  11. hi cyronn,
    I checked IQAS website, there is not any equivalency tool. Even they have not mentioned their contact number / email.
    Instead a Fax number is given, if anyone wants to contact them. :(
  12. IQAS requires Academic transcripts/mark sheets mailed directly to IQAS by the issuing institution. I am not clear whether they need attested photocopy of marksheet or a copy of marksheet. Can anyone guide this pls?
  13. Hi,
    did you use IQAS or ICAS?
  14. I recently got a 2nd assessment for my llb degree with IQAS (the first was by WES) and I'm happy to say my that IQAS did a satisfactory Job. ECA was assessed accurately (unlike WES), It was also concluded and delivered in 11days (weekends inclusive).
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  15. Thanks for the input @iphie28.

    Even I am planning to apply with IQAS just because they have a shorter time frame. By the way is it mandatory that the transcripts be sent directly to IQAS by the issuing institution? Actually, I already have my transcripts from the University - sealed and signed across the envelope's back flap. Would it hold good if I just send them these sealed envelopes? I know it is possible with WES but not sure about IQAS.
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