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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. if your university is not there in WES list it doesn't matter, there are many Universities which are not in their list but they still recognized it. personal experience . Chitkara University, Chandigarh University, Lovely Professional University. not in the list but still recognized by WES.
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  2. Yes, you can send them. I did it for myself and wife and we got our ECA report within 10 days of submission. Good luck.
  3. After going back and forth between WES and my institution lasting a period of 3 months, i just received my ECA. Finally
  4. Thanks for the confirmation Jairichi. Within 10 calendar days is awesome! Was it from Canada to US address?

    I was also wondering if we also get an online evaluation report along with the physical copy of the eca report?
  5. UK address. You have the option to get report by regular mail (no tracking) or courier (with tracking). I got it by FedEx.
    No, online report. That is the drawback of IQAS when compared to WES.
  6. True I got mine delivered in 11calendar days by FedEx. True also there isn't an online copy but most important is that they work at d speed of light and have a better understanding of the educational system in various countries in comparison to WES. :'(
  7. Great to know that! Thanks a lot guys!

    I guess it is just that people are not aware of Iqas or just don't want to take chances with it - hence not so popular as WES.
  8. If I am not wrong IQAS was a recent addition to obtain ECA for immigration purposes.
  9. Yeah IQAS is a recent addition.
  10. My university is not listed in WES . I am trying to open IQAS website but its not opening . what shall i do . do you have any link for IQAS so that i can see if my university is listed in IQAS or not
  11. My PGDM was not recognized by WES (one of the top 25 institution in India). Anyways, can someone pl. suggest if it is worth trying with IQAS? I am losing lot of points as my PGDM is not being considered and only my engineering has been taken into account :(

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  12. Can I open wes report envelope?
  13. Please try with IQAS. WES is notorious for a poor understanding of Indian education and not giving Indian PGDMs recognition. Both CES as well as IQAS is better for recognition of Indian PGDM.
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  14. Yes, that's yours. Make a clear scanned copy so that you have a reference when you need to upload it in your profile.
  15. Did you try IQAS?

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