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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. I am planning to apply through IQAS; keeping my fingers crossed....

  2. Dear Bro,

    I am Abdul From Pakistan.

    My application to NB was in final stages that unfortunately i received a shocking news that my ECA report points is 21 instead of 22 , i have got ECA from WES ,i talked to friends who evaluated their ECA from IQAS they told that your ECA report is not correctly evaluated ,i need to ask your suggestion plz here are my education details

    1. SSC from BISE Peshawar
    2.HSSC from BISE Peshawar
    3.BCS Hons from Agriculture uni Peshawar
    4.MS-IT from I M Sciences Peshawar

    for the above education they have granted me Bachelor degree (4 years equivalency)21 points, while my friend who did fro IQAS says my ECA should be 22 or 23 Points for Masters .

    Can u please guide me that either its correctly evaluated or there is anything wrong ...waiting for you ..its a matter of life and death for me ..please help ..

    Here is my email ...bestofbasit@gmail.com / Cell. 03339536905

  3. Hello Everyone

    I have done my Executive MBA through Indian School of Business Management (Mumbai-India) year 2007-2009.
    This is part time and distance education.
    Not listed with WES
    My Bachelors are verified by WES.
    I am running short of 02 points to apply and wondering if IQAS can verify my EMBA so that I can get 02 more points to qualify.
    I do not see any list of recognized universities in IQAS, if there is please guide me.
    Also guide process to apply and get ECA done through IQAS (if I do go ahead)

  4. Anyone to help????????????????
  5. ANyone who can recommend transcript service in India.
  6. What about ICAS? Any idea!!
  7. I used WES and it was complete after 6 weeks so if you are in a hurry keep in mind
  8. i thought wes is bad and then i used iqas, trust me iqas is much worse. iqas is a joke.
  9. We used IQAS coz we were told they give higher score compared to WES. Paid online and followed the instructions thoroughly.
    -May 27: documents sent via DHL
    -June 1: it was delivered and signed by IQAS representative as per tracking.
    Until now as of this writing, no confirmation from IQAS that they've received our documents, I'm beginning to worry.
    Anyone who just recently mailed their application to IQAS? Pls share...
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  10. It is still early days. IQAS takes b/w 10-15 days to send email about documents being received.
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  11. Oh okay! Thanks much for the info. Waiting in vain.
  12. Just for your info. Here are the timelines for me and spouse:
    This will give you a rough idea of what you may expect.

    Application delivered- 20MAR
    Email received - 30MAR
    Unviersity documents delivered - 24APR
    Email recived - 15MAY
    Final Assessment received - in processing

    Application delivered- 03MAR
    Email received - 15MAR
    Unviersity documents delivered - 18MAR
    Email recived - 29MAR
    Final Assessment received - 2MAY
  13. Hello Jojii... Thanks for the timeline. Did you choose to deliver your results via postal mail or did you pay for express delivery? Because some said they got their IQAS result on hand 5 days after receiving the email result. I hope it wont take that long.
  14. I chose to pay extra for the courier. But I think that was a waste of money.
    I also don't think it matters if you choose courier or postal mail. IQAS sends you the softcopy as soon as the evaluation is finished. Infact I haven't received my hardcopy in courier yet.
  15. Hi,

    What did you choose ? IQAS or WES ?

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