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WES vs IQAS - reviews?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VictorCA, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Have you provided the original copies of your credentials to IQAS or provided them with attested and sealed copies ? Please also let us know when you receive them.

    As you had mentioned before, the reason for selecting IQAS was to be get recognized for your credentials appropriately, I will also appreciate if you shared your find on it.

    I am about to initiate the procedure and being recognized a graduate with an extra year (4+1) rather than appropriate recognition as Master of Science (3+2) bothers me as well.
  2. Hi Jim,

    could you please inform how long had it taken IQAS to assess your credentials and provide you with the ECA report?

    From your note, I take that you had the transcripts attested and sealed from issuing entity (as WES requires) rather than the original files and had them assessed by the IQAS?
  3. I will personally say to go for WES, as for IQAS, it should come from the university directly, but my university dont ship transcripts at all. Ans also, that form in IQAS is mandatory, where as in WES, its optional.
  4. Thanks for your insight Nikita. WES also provide with an online copy where IQAS falls behind.

    However, WES Canada is very well known for recognizing MSc (3+2) as 4 years graduation program and an additional year towards graduation (4+1) which limits my options with it.

  5. Hi Rocky2k17. Yes i provided the original copies of my transcript sealed and signed by the issuing institution enclosed with the request form, but I opted to ship it myself provided that the envelope is sealed. Then, other forms and copy of my diploma were shipped separately.
    May 25 - documents shipped to IQAS
    June 1 - delivered and signed by them
    June 15 - received email confirming that my application, payment and official transcript are received.
    Waiting for the result.
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  6. Have better options?
  7. Thank you for the timeline. I do hope you receive them by end this month and not later.

    But do let us know when it happens. Thanks much.

  8. I will keep you posted.
  9. Hi,

    I graduated from BE Computer Engineering from Mumbai University in 2014. I don't have my 7th sem marksheet, but I have my 8th sem one and also the degree/convocation certificate.

    The 8th sem one has 7th sem's total marks written in one column indicating that I passed that.

    Is it possible to get an ECA from WES without 7th sem marksheet?
  10. Hi Guys,

    i read through the reviews. Please can someone help me with an updated experience. IQAS says the do 30 days now. Should I still go with them or with WES
  11. My experience with WES:

    I first created an account for my spouse and submitted his transcripts, as he is the principal applicant. A week or so later I created a separate account for myself - different name, different DOB, different password. For whatever reason, there was an authentication error that kept routing me back to the original account and wouldn't permit me to obtain a reference number for myself.

    I couldn't fix it from my end, and contacted technical support. It took 2 full days to get even an automated response acknowledging the contact, and I then got an answer that was unresponsive to my very explicit query. After another try, I received no response at all for days. I tried for 3 days to call them, and each time I got an automated message that said no staffers were available, and then hung up on me.

    I ended up using ICES for my own ECA, because I literally had no other option. So, WES is probably a fine choice as long as you are creating a single account and don't have to communicate with an actual human for any reason.
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  12. Hello grizsvasquez,

    Thanks for sharing your ECA timeline with IQAS, did you get back the results yet?
  13. Hi, Danaan! Almost same story here. But I did get my ECA with WES in the end, it was a loong fight. Let me share my experience :) I had ECA with WES US few years ago, it was a pleasant experience. If a person had an ECA with WES USA, he/she can get new ECA with WES CA without sending original docs. They just transfer it to your canadian account. So, I applied, created a canadian WES account as instructed. And it started. My docs were not transfered until I contacted them for almost a month, then my order had disappeared from my account. I contacted and contacted them. I even contacted WES USA, and !!! they replied very fast, and it even helped to solve part of my problems. So, in the midst of 3 months long contact battle with WES CA, I had received my evaluation from WES, in mail. Ha-ha-ha! It took me 1.5 month to restore this evaluation in my online account. Now its all there. But difference in response time and outcome between WES USA and CA had surprised me. I must add that WES CA had a major system crash in Jan 2017, my problems had started after that. I beleive it could be an easier sailing if not for that. Good luck everybody! BTW, if your institute is not on the list, contact them. Mine wasn't on the list either, and my evaluation was done no prob.

  14. Unfortunately no. It's been more than a month or 27 business days since it was confirmed by them. I hope by next week they already have the softcopy result. I'm waiting in vain.
  15. Hopefully you'll get it soon. I probably varies case by case depending on which country you've done your education from. Good Luck!

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