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WES has sent documents for verification to College/ University.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by harsh_taneja, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. HI,

    Even I am also facing the same problem.. mine is Ranchi University.. I have contacted them multiple times but they are saying that they haven't received any mail with my reference number from WES.

    Even I mailed to WES but they are not replying to the same. It been 2 weeks .. Am completely stuck over here unable to understand how to deal with this.
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    Can you please
    @Pashy24, Could you please share the contact details of that person with me. I am facing similar problem with Mumbai university.
  3. Hi @Pashy24 ,

    I see you have helped many with ideas , could you please help me as well ? .
    I have the same issue. Had submitted documents to WES in June. Status shows "ON HOLD" since it says that one of my colleges hasn't replied to the re verification email/post sent to them by WES. Contacted WES, they say they have sent the re-verification emails several times to my college.

    Now, my college says they haven't received any email from WES yet whereas WES say they have been sending the email/post every 7 weeks to my college. Asked the controller of examination of my college several times and he says he wont be able to help me since he hasn't received any email.

    Can you please advice what should i do?

  4. The same thing happened with my husband's WES verification too in May this year. University didn't receive any email- we contacted the college again and again and waited for about two weeks. The status automatically changed from on hold to in progress in about two weeks. Even though the college didn't do anything to re-verify since they didn't receive an email only! I have read at several places that WES does this on purpose at times - to show that they are working. Well at least this is what happened with us. Hope yours is a similar case!
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  5. Wait for about two weeks and see if the status changes from On hold to In Progress. Even for my husband's WES verification the college didn't receive any email. We waited and the status changed automatically. He got his WES report 3 about weeks after that.
  6. Which college/university are you referring to here? You might want to visit them and look for a hardcopy in their mail room. In case your degrees are from University of Mumbai, the procedure is completely different. Please provide more information for me to be able to help you.
  7. Thank you for the update but it has been 3 months and still the status shows ON HOLD. We even called WES but they say they need an reply from the university . It is just eating our time :(

  8. @Ree23 ... Thanks for your opinion. I have been waiting since June. It seems ike an endless loop to me. Shall wait more. I see no other go :|
  9. @Pashy24 , i messaged you seperately with the deatils. Please have a look.

  10. The rules for paying extra for re-verification are decided by each university and not WES. Not all universities charge extra for re-verification. Some do it for free. However, on the DU website it clearly mentions that they charge extra for re verification. The fee for transcripts is separate and for verification it is separate. I also got my transcripts sent from Delhi University but luckily no verification was needed in my case. So, this is not a mandatory step like you have mentioned. Since there have been many fraud cases in the past, I guess WES asks for re-verification in some cases- how they decide is obviously unknown to us all. Also, DU is pretty prompt in replying to emails. Did you go to DU physically? I went to South Campus and my work was done very smoothly. But they don't send the transcripts on their own- I used their Post Office to send them. You can try calling the DU controller of examination office on 011-24157130 or email them on exam3sdc@south.du.ac.in. Hope this helps.
  11. Then I suggest you should visit your university or send someone. Did your university check their spam folders too?
  12. Go visit your university and meet the concerned people at the controller of examinations department. No point waiting
  13. I have replied on DM
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  14. @Ree23 . I have gone to my university several times, checked every mail possible , inquired about the mail from Principal, Controller of Examination and every other authority there. Checked the mail room for physical posts. There is NOTHING . WES very confidently says they have sent the doc/email 5 times till date. I don't know what to do.
  15. Hi, I have done bachelor's from JNVU University. And I am going to apply for WES now. Can you please let me know further details and the timelines for the process. Any help would be appreciated.

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