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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Did you get file number for PR applicaiton at the time you submitted your WP extension?
    I submitted my extension of WP on August 4 and submitted my PR on October 11, but no file number up to now. I am also not sure if both have some relation.
  2. does Anybody get any update ?
  3. I submitted my application on September 26th, no update yet, and the deadline was yesterday (69 days). I keep checking the page where they inform new deadlines, and the last update was on Nov. 11th, when they were processing applications submitted on Sep. 2nd.

    So it must be getting close, but that's just an average, of course.

    I have applied for an extension of work permit for myself, and for an open work permit for my spouse. I was eligible for the 10 day processing under the Global Talent Stream program, but that of course didn't happen... so I'm still waiting.
  4. I asked them to update the processing times on Twitter. They replied saying that maybe they haven't updated it because the volume of the applications is high. Do they have the same people working on our applications and the website?
    I think they are BS'ing me. And the times are still not updated
  5. I have the same UCI for both and I do have a file number for my PR...
  6. Hey guys, so good news! Moments after I have said that I had no updates, I have received the approval! So I should be expecting to get my work permit by mail in the next few days! One day after the deadline.

    This is my timeline:

    April 2018: The company I'm working for applied for the LMIA (I was working there part-time, because I had a student permit and part-time work permit)
    September 5th: LMIA was approved
    September 26th: Applied for work permit extension for myself and open work permit for my spouse, under the Global Talent Stream program
    December 5th: Received email with the approval

    Now I'm just waiting for the work permits to arrive! So you guys should also be getting yours soon!
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  7. Congrats .. Can you please share the last few digits of your application number , i just want to know how far we are ?
  8. Of course, the last 4 digits are 2363!
  9. in my application, last 4 digits are: 8387, seems long way... applied Oct-19 for LMIA exempted WP Extension (Same Employer).
  10. Have you already received AOR for you PR application?
  11. Mine is ending with 5048 .. not sure these numbers following the series or random ..i applied on October 24 ,For my Husband SOWP .. Currently, He is on PGWP valid till February 2019
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  12. Thanks ..
  13. NICE good news! I applied for my first work permit last oct . 28, and today is the 5 weeks mark of the processing time. I hope I will receive it later today... cheers!
  14. Mine is 3062. Hope to get my approvals before Christmas.
  15. yes, I made a mistake when I said I applied for both in August. I applied for the PR first, in June. and I received the AOR in August.
    Then, I applied for the WP extension, and here I am... 4 months of wait to get the new permits until the PR is processing.
    Honestly, I don't know what is going on, it's killing me to wait that long. But, fingers crossed. let's hope...

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