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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    @niah @Zahida @ellaaaabella - I received the approval on Tuesday. My lawyer just sent me an email letting me know about this.
    I just would like to say it got approved one day after I called them, so, don't give up and keep calling and sending Web Forms.

    My Timeline: Applied Close WP for me, Open WP for my husband, SP for my older daughter, and Visitor visa for my youngest daughter on August 14th, got the approval on December 18th - 126 days of wait.
    For my PR application, it is PNP-Paper Based, and I received the AOR on August 20th.

    For those who applied for an extension and also has the PR application in progress, expect different processing times. it is likely that takes more than 100 days in this case.

    Hope you all get your approvals soon.

    Now let me stress out about the wait for the PR lol
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  2. Congratulations . So good to hear that.
    Such a relief for you.
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  3. Congrats and Thank you for the update. I receive my PR interview email last monday, and will go to CIC Vancouver to finalize PR.
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  4. I applied for PR express entry October 1st the BOWP 8th with dependent visitor extension x2 and SOWP. Currently day 75. Visitor extension eta is 99 days so should I expect that I will receive my approval around 100 days and not sooner?.

    My PR is on background check in progress so I assume r10 is complete.

    Are my assumptions correct.
  5. Just called CIC short wait time 24 mins lol. I enquired about the wait time on batched applications ie with dependents. They informed me they are processing time for the primary application Ishld follow the times and will be issued once approved the .The others later depending on the proce
  6. Hi All,

    I had applied WP extension on 27 August and still waiting for response from CIC.
    Steps I had took.
    1. Called CIC helpline every alternate day post November 27. Got same reply Officer is working on it.
    2. Submitted web enquiry(Dec 1). No response Yet.
    3. Asked local MP for help. They told me that they had contacted CIC to respond.Still no response.
    4. My lawyer is invloved and told me there is nothing much except to wait.

    Now in such situation please advise what else can be done.

  7. Hi, where do you check the new deadlines plz ? Can you send the link ?
  8. Dear Friends, Got BOWP approval after 91 days.
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  9. You applied alone ?
  10. I applied with 2 dependants for visitors record
  11. I'm in the same boat 2visitor records I'm on day 88. They issued all at once?
  12. Yes, i got all emails for approval.
    You will likely get your emails tomorrow.
  13. Okay it's been a long wait
  14. Congrats, was wondering u got approval on sunday and was it direct approval or prior to that any status change? Like eligibility passed or updated status?
    I applied on oct 19, since than no single update...but as per trend it seems applications for extensions taking 90-100 days in practice in contrast to stated 69 days.
  15. yes, I had a call with CIC yesterday, and the agent says i need to wait another 2-3 weeks, by the way i have submitted my application online oct 28. I'm on 74days now...
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