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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

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    I applied for an extension of WP only, once approved they send WP renewed document via mail by canadapost at your address.
    As per trend, WP extension process for inland ONLINE applicants takes normally 90-95 days on average from date of application until approved online, and delivery of document by mail depends upon location/city in canada, normally they state 6 weeks at max. mine came in 4 days in toronto.
    WP extension and passport stamping are two different applications, passport sticker comes in TRV application. As your TRV expires at same time of your WP, so if you intend to travel in due course, then on basis of renewed WP document, you are not allowed to travel, so you need to apply for TRV in separate via online, once WP is approved and received. TRV is processed sooner than WP time...I have no plan to travel outside canada in due course, so will not apply for TRV, as will pursue PR application now as CEC inland, once i complete my 1st yr job exp in canada!
  2. Thanks for your response. I have a doubt here. When I first applied for my WP - outside Canada,When it got approved -I got a request for passport submission as it by default has TRV included in it.
    As per CIC website ( https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/work-canada/permit/temporary/extend.html)
    Starting May 1, 2017, eligible citizens of select visa-required countries will receive an eTA when they renew their work permit. The eTA is electronically linked to the passport you used to renew your permit and is valid for five years or until your passport expires. You can only use the eTA when you fly to, or transit through, Canada by air. You will receive a letter from us with information about your eTA number and expiration date.

    That means on extension of work permit eTA will be given. Can you confirm if you have received an eTA also?
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    Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs), commonly called Entry Visas, are to be obtained by foreign nationals who require visas to enter Canada, while Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) allows foreign nationals from visa-exempted countries to enter Canada without a visa.

    During wp extension, u need to apply in separate for trv after ur wp extension approved, that trv will be valid for same validity of extended wp....but if u r from visa exempted country, which u seems not, then u need eTA.

    First time, as outland u get trv (sticket on pp stamped by embassy) first then wp on landing (by cbsa at airport). As inland during extension, u get wp document first, then on its basis u apply in separate for trv, on approval u send pp to ottawa office and receive it back by mail with new sticker on ur pp.
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  4. Thank you for clarification. So I see a long way after WP approval. Any one got approval or profile update?
  5. Wp approvals taking 90-95 days on average for inland online applications. Then trv taking 10 days on average until u receive pp request, and there r separate charges for trv application as well like 100 bucks per applicant i think
  6. Any approvals today ?
  7. Hi Guys! I got my Approval today!
    It changes status this morning "Application/Profile Update" then around 10 pm tonight , it's been approved.

    it takes 83 days for me.. WP / OWP online application / Inland.
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  8. Thanks for sharing the information.
  9. Bowp,Apply on oct 9,still wait......
  10. Good new guys -Just got an update on my profile today my WP extension is approved:
    Date to Application 5th Nov 2018
    Approval 21st Jan 2019
    Processing time :77 Days.
    Inland submitted online
    No depended with the application.
  11. Can anyone confirm once the application is approved is there any approval letter available online ? .I can just see the status changed to approved with counterfoil information.
  12. Hi All,
    I received my approval today!

    Applied on Oct 29, 2018
    Status changed to reviewed on Jan 19, 2019
    Application Approved Jan 21, 2019 with 3 Years work permit Nov 2021

    Thank God for finally feeling relieved, overall it took 84 calendar days. Wishing all other friends good luck, Your happiness is on the way :).

    Quick Question;
    I will be completing 1 year on June 2019 with present employer with NOC 0, can someone suggest will I be eligible to gain points for offer letter as well?
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  13. If you have an positive LMIA based work permit - you can claim points for arranged employment
  14. Thank you for the reply!
  15. Hi All

    Apologies in advance as I have really no knowledge on Work Permits and extension just asking for someone. My cousin work permit (PGWP) is expiring on Feb 04, 2019. She was unable to apply due to some unseen circumstances can she apply now ? is there any dead line to file the work permit extension application.

    She was initially issued only 1.5 WP because of her passport expiry.

    Appreciate your help in advance


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