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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Is there anyone who applied online for inland work permit extension online in past few months?
    have you got any updates since your application submitted?
    The official check processing times website shows that they are working on applications received on June 14, 2018.

    I submitted my WP extension on 30 May, nothing happened yet.

    Is anyone has the same situation? Please let us know.
  2. Applied on jun5 th no updates yet
  3. lets keep in touch. Hope it comes soon.
  4. Hi, I applied on may 25th and still no update :-( I also submitted the web form and no reply to that too!
  5. when did you submit the web form? I submitted the web form at 10 Aug.
  6. I submitted it on 13th August
  7. they said they will reply within 10 business days, let's just wait. Good luck.
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  8. Any updates friends?
  9. They are working on June 21 application as per the processing times page. Submitted my application June 19, and the web form 12 days ago. Have not heard from them yet.
  10. Have you heard from them?
  11. Finally, I got my BOWP approved today. Thank you all.
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  12. Looks like I am in same boat. Its the worse feeling ever .

    I have applied for WP extension - Same Employer on July 28th. Wait time says 58 days updated on September 9 and application that they are working on was July 12. So theoretically, I should have received the reply on September 25th or 26th. But nothing yet.
  13. Hey, are you applying thru PNP program?
  14. Applied June 25 no update yet

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