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(Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Shongsu, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. I think you can apply for BOWP after you got AOR.
  2. Thanks a lot nage.sai94. I created this account to thank you :)
    I applied for BOWP on Sept 16 (AOR -15 Sept). No updates after till yesterday. I read your post and called CIC today at 11 am. first call failed. 3-2-0 option worked second time. After 35 mins, I spoke to an agent. He did not give anything useful info, but said he sent a note the case officer. By evening online status updated to "Approved."

    Big relief :)
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  3. I just read somewhere that to get bowp, eligibility should be "passed" for PR application.
    I think this could be one the reasons for this much delay for bowp.
    I just send a screenshot of my gcms notes to them, saying eligibility is "passed".
    With my application for bowp, i sent them the status of my PR application from my cic account, which said that eligibility was in progress.

    Its so frustrating. I am on a verge of losing my job. I have struggled a lot to get this job and i dont have any more stamina to start from scratch if i lose this one. Its almost 4 months now ( i applied online).
  4. Today is the 128th from my application submitted. Finger cross!
    Is there any updated?
  5. 117th day for me. Nothing yet.
  6. Wow. Did you send a web form to CIC? What did they say?
  7. Hi , any update on BOWP ? my application is 66 days today. Thinking of doing the same closed work permit i had before. My employer is willing to pay the compliance fee so i can go to the border before my current WP expiration. Any suggestions?
  8. I called them today. They said for some reason, my file need additional review and it wont be in "normal processing" time.
    I am applying with a dependent. For my PR application, eligibility is not passed yet. Its still in process. This might be the reason in my case.
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  9. Applied for BOWP on Aug. 30th. :( Havent received any update yet.
  10. Hi All,

    My wife applied for her work permit extension from inside Canada (same employer) along with my temporary resident visa extension. Our status is currently implied. The application was submitted on Sept 25, 2018. For the work permit extension, the days elapsed has crossed the normal processing time. For my application, the processing time is mentioned as 100+ days. So does the online status update or her work permit extension will happen only when mine is also processed? Since both our applications are together, I am curious.
  11. you should be approvaled at the same time.
  12. I'm trying to call them today, again, to hear something.
    I'm on my 125th day of wait, and I think it's something similar to your case... the PR application might be the reason it's taking so long... Let me know if you hear anything different. I'll try to keep you posted too.
  13. I am on my 164th day for a renewal from Quebec.
    I have also my PR application in progress with dependent.

    Why differentiate one with a PR application and the others cases.
  14. I'm not too sure, and actually, they say the delay is not related to the PR application. However, for me, it's pretty obvious that they check information on both applications before any the final decision.
    We have a unique UCI, and the two applications must be connected somehow. I just don't know exactly why this is affecting our extension request so much.

    I called them this afternoon and I just got vague responses and the promise that an update will occur in my application any time now.
    This is very annoying and very exhausting... but let's hope for the best and maybe who knows if this will speed up our PR application somehow? :)

    Keep me posted! I'll come back to this thread if I hear anything else.

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