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Students for September 2019 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Evankc, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. We shall get more approve this week
  2. Hello,
    I am from Lebanon. I applied to study permit on 12th of April and got the visa approved on 26th of April (2 weeks processing even though on the website it states that it needs 5-6 weeks). Good luck to all of you.
    Anyone going to Uottawa as a master's student in civil engineering?
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  3. congrantulation ! And it really suprise me , you are so lucky . Did you applied online or paper base ?

  4. Processing time in Lebanon on there website it states 3 weeks and yours took 2weeks and 4days lesser down the processing time . You are goddamn lucky and get prepare for your flight
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  5. Thank you! I applied paper based. When i applied on april 12th, the processing time was 5-6 weeks. Btw, which uni are you going for?
  6. Okay.. Uni of Regina

  7. When do you intend to leave to Canada
  8. Hi I am also going to university of Regina for ms in computer science although still waiting for my visa
  9. When so you applied and which country do you applied from?
  10. I applied on 17th April have biometrics on 23rd April from India
  11. India processing time on website is 3weeks . Any moment from now till next week I hope you will geþ your visa
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  12. Let's hope and be patient !!
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  13. Anyone from loyalist college ?
  14. I had applied online with my wife on 27TH Feb, 2019. from Nepal...I have applied for the study permit and and my wife as a dependent on visiting visa.....She has already received the request for Passport from the immigration office...I received a message that the eligibility review has been started on April 15 th ,still I have not received the final decision yet....I am worried as my University starts from May 6th. Shall I get the decision on time? After how many days of review of eligibility they give the final decision of the study permit?
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  15. Any applied on 9th april online from india?
    Also, if anyone hot decision on their online application recently, please share your timeline.

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